Crazy Bomber

I’m going to my God.

A bomb strapped around my waist, more than 200 people in my sights.

My God waits, arms wide, together we will revel in my merriment.
Celebrate my glorious defeat at the hands of the infidels.

200 people, should guarantee my place in my version of heaven.

But since I wear the bomb I die too.

If my actions bring about change, I will not be alive to see it.

Those who commanded my actions will and they will remember my name…

… won’t they?

I don’t usually explain these things, but in light of the current world climate and the fact that we are locking people up for making random comments when boarding a plane, I felt it necesary to say… I am not a crazy bomber. I would never kill another person at someone elses command. This was more written because who really remembers a single name of a single suicide bomber? In their mind they die heros.
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