War is Never the Answer

It’s one of those situations where we all want to be able to do something, cause let’s face it, we are being railroaded to a war. I would personally do anything I think would help (provided I don’t have to get killed or anything), you may think I should be happy to die for my convitions, I say “fuck that”, what good is fighting and dying, never knowing if my fight was worth it.

Our government seems to think that we are no longer a democracy and that we as the people no longer deserve a say in what happens… we pride ourselves on our Multi-culturalism, but want to join a war to crush someone else’s way of life because it is so unlike our own. I don’t agree with the opposing way of life myself but think that war is really not the answer.

We should be, as a world united, closing down the countries that we don’t want to deal with… put up borders, nothing goes in, nothing comes out. It’s the most peaceful way to end it. Eventually it will be up to the people of that country to decide what they want to do. We can’t accept oil and other exports from these counties and then condemn them. We can’t supply them with military weapons to fight wars of the past and then cry foul when those same weapons are used to defend their way of life.

Terrorism… a matter of perspective. Do we run to the side of the US and support them because we think their fight is just? Or do we support them out of fear of what may happen if we don’t. Are we terrorfied as a country about the repurcussions of not standing beside the world-superpower?

I don’t condone any act of murder, in any form, by anyone. I call upon the world (though most of the world will never read this) to form a world governemt with the power to point at a country and say… the way you treat your people sucks, you’re outta here. But until that happens we can not run into a war, the agenda of which is pretty hazy at best. You can not rid the world of terrorism, you can just create terror in the hearts of men. Scare them against acts of violence with threatened acts of violence (or terrorism, oops can we say that).

Take heed however, for every oppressed person eventually snaps…

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