Under the Wheels of the Peak Hour Express

“We are all connected” great Sony ad, even greater concept.

What can I say, I believe it more than I believe I need air to survive… we are all connected.

The actions of one have so many repercussions in my day to day life through to the actual days that I go through, through all eternity.

I heard about this person who threw themselves in front of a train today… was it someone I know. I doubt it. I believe most of my friends and acquantences are a little more together than that, but how do I know? Either way there is one less person in the world as ten thousand more are born.

I didn’t know this person but by their actions they have affected my life. Reaffirming my need to survive and not become an anonymous statistic of the “chew them up and spit them out” world we live in. They have even changed your life as you ready this (you are reading this aren’t you?). If they had not done what they did, when they did, who knows what you would be doing right now?

Your decision to read this may have saved your life, sheesh that is a far fetched comment, but it may be true. You might have gone to the shop for milk instead of reading this and ended up under the route 9 as it whizzed by! You could be eating a meal, a piece of which may become lodged in your windpipe (at least then you could assure me that we do need air to survive).

Either way, you may never have back the 3 minutes it has taken to read this and may have saved your life, could cost it too of course just as easily, but why be negitive.

So the train jumper I was telling you about, made my train late home, my mum angry that I missed dinner and got me stuck behind a red light on my way out to pick up a bite to eat. There I saw the most gorgeous guy in the car next to mine who just happened to be going to the same place as me. Oh and it got me his number and a first date.

This guy of course could be a psycho killer and you may read about my corpse being found in a shallow grave, thanks train jumper.

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