Treading the Path

Did you know I was supposed to be a teacher? I have had it planned since I was four years old. It wasn’t a child’s rambling, not a dream. At times I still yearn for the career I abandoned before it even began.

I made no conscious decisions that have me where I am today, somewhere along the way I realised the plans of a child had to fall by the wayside.

Quite possibly it was at same time I knew I would never be a father. At 11 or so I realised that two grown men could not have a baby together, another plan dashed. As certain as I was that I would be an excellent father, I was also certain that the process described to bring about conception was neither desirable nor applicable to me.

Never growing up did I think that I would have to couple with a female, I always preferred the other boys in the playground. Still stunned when people act with suprise at the fact that I have never even “pashed” a girl. Why would I want to?

So the life I live continues. I no longer make decisions about its direction. Living with the belief that fate has me in her steady grasp and has done an alright job so far.

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