Passing Through

I see you everyday as we pass on the street, going in opposite directions.

I don’t know you, never have and possibly never will. But, should we meet one thing is certain, I will learn more about you than you can ever know of me.

A glance in my direction, our eyes meet, a knowing smile appears on your face. Though I don’t know your name I know for whom you work, your uniform tells me that much. I wear plain clothes, no recognition of my place of work. We’re 0 for 1, my favour.

Should we meet you can ask where I work, that knowledge I have. Don’t, however, ask me who my real parents were, or why they felt they didn’t need me in their lives. Don’t ask me my race or religion, I really don’t know what they should be.

The moment has passed, behind me now you head into the day… Until tomorrow, when next we cross paths going about our separate lives.

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