She’s Not Fat

She’s not fat. she is pregnant. Inside her form another human comes to life.

What an odd creature is man and his cousin mammals. Creation of another life… another soul, in the womb of the mother the child grows. Its dependence on her will continue for quite some time after birth.

Man, the greatest of all creatures who roam the earth is the most vunerable as a new-born.

In fact man remains the weakest species on the Earth. His form so fragile he should be labelled “Handle with care!”.

An elephant, lion, tiger, practically any other animal can live, procreate and die never needing to know more than their basest instincts. Man craves stimulation every minute of every hour of every day of his life. Even in a sleeping state his body will be aware of and react to external stimulation.

Recreation is not widely known in any other animal. Even a domestic cat or dog uses “playtime” as a way to enhance his instinctive skill.

Man needs to be more. Ever growing, ever evolving, ever seeking input. But why? At the end of the day, the result is the same.

He lived, he procreated and he died, it just took him a little longer than most.

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