In My Othe World

The world is quiet tonight
It is the first time in a long while
That I have heard your breath as you sleep,
The rain falling outside our window

You’re somewhere dreaming, living another life
Am I with you? Do I exist in your dream world?
I hold you close to me, sleep is far away
My mind is clear and thoughts of our life together slip easily into focus

Your body so warm, so comforting, you shift in your sleep and I let you go
Do you dream about me, as I dream about you?
In my dreams I have held you a thousand times as you sleep.
Listening to you breathe and wonder, in your other life, do you dream about me?

The sound of the rain dulls my mind, I feel my thoughts slipping away
As I fall into my other world, one thought remains,
I love you here, I love you there
And I dream about you.

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