Diets can be freaking tasty

I’ve tried Lite’n’Easy… sure it works, it’s expensive, and it gets tiresome when the meals are all the same after a while.

I tried the starch diet and that works too… but in a household you have to be able to share the foods you eat and David wasn’t really into just starches so that fell away.

Now we’re doing the CSIRO Total Well Being Diet.

Maybe I’m talking about it too early. Today is only the first day of our second week, but the food in the menu plans is relatively easy to make and tasty. We’ve been enjoying it so far and looking into the weeks ahead there doesn’t seem to be any reason why that trend should not continue.

The other difference with this type of diet, when compared to meal makers who delivery pre-packaged foods, is you’re learning to eat better and you have to do the work. No one is making the food for you.

The other big push for me in particular is using online shopping from our local store. I hate shopping with a passion. I don’t like pushing a trolley around and dealing with other people in the store. I’d rather pay the small overhead to have someone else do it. You’re also then avoiding all the extra aisles that you never want to go down because they are full of processed foods, tasty, tasty, bad food. So it’s best to avoid them.

Below are some of the meals we’ve eaten over the past week. I don’t take photos of all of them, but they are all delicious.

I know I’m overweight because I’m lazy. I’ll eat takeaway before making food myself, and I rarely go out of my way to exercise. In fact since I fell from my bike 5 years ago I haven’t really done any active exercise. And now I work from home I don’t even have the walks from the office to the station to get me moving. So in addition to the healthy delicious food, in small portions, I also have to get my butt moving more.

In the first week I’ve lost 5.3kg. A lot of it is likely water weight. I can’t expect this kind of weight loss every week, but I do have a lot of weight to shift. I hope to lose at least 30kg over the next 6 months, but to get to what the BMI scale feels is healthy for me, I’ll need to lose closer to 60kg. So lots of work to do.

Smashed Avocado Toast, with Cottage Cheese
Smashed Avocado Toast, with Cottage Cheese
Cheddar and Chutney Toasted Sandwich
Cheddar and Chutney Toasted Sandwich
Protein Packed Scrambled Eggs
Protein Packed Scrambled Eggs
High protein bircher muesli
High protein bircher muesli
Pan-Fried Lamb Steaks with Pea Purée
Pan-Fried Lamb Steaks with Pea Purée

Joey is so cute

Joey in the Cat Bed
Joey in the Cat Bed

I think Joey realised this morning the cats have heated beds!

She squished her way in and then couldn’t get herself out. 🤣

I think she would have been quite content to stay in there though had I not come along and disturbed her to get this photo.

Kylie in my ears

Kylie Minogue's Golden

Today’s music is brought to my ears by Kylie Minogue.

“Golden” Kylie’s latest album has taken some getting used to. The twangy sounds of acoustic instruments has taken some getting used to.

But I like that over the years Kylie has played with different sounds. Her album “Kylie Minogue” and followup album “Impossible Princess” were delightful forays into different sounds than those that Stock, Aitken, and Waterman brought to her early sounds.

So we’ll start with “Golden”, then we’ll hit the shuffle and work away while we go through Kylie’s discography, during which, we’ll hear a few big personal favourites, like “Put Yourself in my Place” (I LOVED that video clip), “Jump”, “Your Disco Needs You”, and see many others…

Sammi’s Gold Lamé Gown

Sammi is mum’s spoodle who came to live with us when mum went to live in New Zealand. So far this winter she has been using a coat that is is almost 20 years old and has been handed down through our other doggins to Sammi. So I thought it was time she had something new.

I found a pattern online for a Small Dog Coat, resized and adapted it for Sammi and was deciding on which material to use when David piped up and suggested I used the gold material that has been floating around the house forever, so I did.

Small dog coat pattern
Small dog coat pattern

I cut out the piece and then decided on a thicker white backing, I probably should have gone for a brown or something that wouldn’t show up the dirt of a dog’s life.

For the inside I don’t have any wadding, so I unpicked an old wool quilt and was grateful to find that inside the quilt was a large piece of intertwined wool that I could cut to shape and fit inside the coat. A little thicker than I may have wanted but it will be sure to keep Sammi warm on the cold winter nights.

Innards of a quilt
Innards of a quilt

I had a few re-sew parts I had to do, particularly at the joining part at the base of the coat, where I left it open to put the innards in.

I’ll likely resew the full edge of this piece and also quilt-sew it for a better look, maybe even add some piping.

We’ll have to wait though, I have no Velcro so at the moment the coat is temporarily using 3M wall hangers. 🤭 When I get the Velcro of it I’ll do the rest of the sewing on the edges and the quilting and see how it goes.

All up though, I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ve never really sewed beyond straight lines so throwing some curves in has been fun.

Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown

Freak Show

Freak Show (2018)
Freak Show (2017)

Sure it wasn’t bankrolled by a major studio like the wonderful “Love, Simon” but this is just as good as a coming of age movie with a gay protagonist.

It has so much heart, and a bit of Bette Midler… what more could you ask for?

If you find somewhere to watch Freak Show, do so, it’s gorgeous.

13 Reasons Why Season 2

13 Reasons Why Season 2

This post contains spoilers about 13 Reasons Why, Season 2 from Netflix.

I’ve finished watching “13 Reasons Why” season 2, and as a way to digest the themes in the show Netflix put together an addendum “Beyond the Reasons”. They did this with Season 1 after there was a bit of an uproar around the notion that the show glamourised teen suicide by showing not just one suicide but also an attempted suicide, and they have continued it after Season 2 to help talk through some of the heavy topics it contains.

Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why” includes more depictions of sexual violence, drug use, gang-violence, gun-violence (though thankfully thwarted on both attempts), teen abandonment, victims facing their abusers, and so much more. So there is a lot to talk though.

It’s great to see the show was so entrenched in the idea of reality and care that they had counsellors and therapists on the set to talk to the actors about what they would face in each scene before it happened and to wind down the actors after the scenes were complete. I imagine some of the scenes were very hard to film.

One series of events this season revolved around Hannah, the catalyst for the show, having a loving and consensual relationship with Zack, which included sex. A relationship ending when it became obvious to Hannah that Zack was more interested in keeping up appearances with his friends than making their relationship public.

Well in the events of season 1, when Hannah is raped by Bryce in the hot tub, we’re pretty much lead to believe she is a virgin, but season 2 reveals this not to be the case by letting us know about the relationship she had with Zack the summer previous.

The disappoint real-life thing is that Kathryn Langford, who plays Hannah, says she has been approached by people who said to her upon learning Hannah wasn’t in fact a virgin “so that means the thing that happened with Hannah and Bryce doesn’t mean that much anymore.” And I was like WHAT! Why would people say such a thing.

Kathryn went on to say she would hope that viewers would take away that just because Hannah had had sex with Zack, doesn’t change the severity of what Bryce did, it doesn’t matter what your sexual history has been makes sexual violence any more acceptable. And how true is that.

I was sad to think that people think that a person who is sexually active would feel any different about being raped. Rape, any form of sexual violence, isn’t about sex, it’s about power, it is an act of violence, one that nothing can prepare you for.

Compassion should always be the response to a declaration of pain. Embrace the ones you love. 

The other gut-wrenching part of the show is when Hannah’s mum, Olivia, played by Kate Walsh, hands Clay a sheet of paper with the reasons “Why not”, on which there were “11 Reasons Why Not”. Olivia then confirms with with Clay that he knows there are ALWAYS more “Reasons Why Not”.

So our second big point to take away from the show is there are always more reasons why not. Go on and live your life, live your truth, and live it right. Reach out to your friends and family, reach out to support services, in Australia you can contact:

  • Kids Help Line: 1800 55 1800
  • Lifeline: 13 11 14

No person should get to a point where they feel their only option is death. We only have one life, it’s the most precious thing, make yours great.

Two albums one day

Shawn Mendes – “Shawn Mendes” (Not “FaceTime”, as David keeps calling it, because of the cover image)

Chvrches – “Love is Dead”

These two should keep my ears happy today. Might pop back with a review in the future.

Metricon Mayhem

Metricon are currently working at our neighbour’s old house they had to buy it back from them, with compensation, due to slab heave caused by them cutting too deep into the property and then using the wrong slab.

Slab heave is when your concrete slab actually cracks causing the house to become malformed. The plumbing cracked throughout the house, loosening the steel flange, causing sewerage and other waste water to seep into the foundation.

The outcome of their litigation was the settlement, and the recommendation from an independent body that the only remediation with regard to the house was to tear it down.

That’s not what they are doing, we can hear them carving concrete all around the house, they’ll likely reline the pipes under the house (because that was something they offered to do for the old owner) and then sell the place off.

All this work they are doing now is in addition to the work they have conintuously done over the last seven years the first owner had it, including two times we know of where the owner had to move into temporary accommodation while they worked on the house, one time was to remove all of the interior Gyprock work, including the ceilings, and replace it. We can clearly tell you our process by making a campaign with explainer video services.

We’re strongly considering contacting any agent who is put to selling it to ensure they know about the problems the house has. In the event they don’t let the new owners know and it becomes a problem for the new owners they’ll have recourse with the agent who chose not to disclose during the sales process. I’d hate to think someone bought a house, spending over $400,000 and they get a lemon with no warranties. And of course, we don’t want the poop smell that comes with a neighbour who has cracked pipes and a lake of wastewater under their home.