Tony Abbott shares more of his (so called) wisdom

Tony Abbott says of marriage:

“It is something that evolved many centuries ago to protect women and children in a world where they were much less secure than they are now. That’s why I would be very reluctant to change.”

And I might remind you, he’s talking about the times, centuries ago, when women and children were chattel to be bartered for (or bought), wives readily beaten for not obeying their husbands, and children were often forced to work in horrid conditions, sometimes as indentured servants.

I can promise you that no woman will be less secure by me marrying a man… no woman will even be involved in the union, so Tony, you’ve got nothing to worry about there my good chap. And I’m pretty sure if two women choose to marry then they’ll be as in love as any heterosexual couple and certainly won’t be going out of their way to make themselves less “secure”.

As far as children… as with all same-sex parented families, it’s a minuscule chance a child will come into them by accident. These children are most often planned for with their wellbeing and upbringing in mind. No same-sex family is the result of an “accident”. Those kids will be pretty secure, as long as you get out of the way and let them be them. Stop telling them there’s something wrong about their families.

Michael Devlin

Shooting with Michael in Melbourne

David and I had a bunch of fun today in the city shooting with Michael. After a false-start, due to a fun run shutting down our original location, I think we made some nice shots with the spots we found.

With Run Melbourne and Melbourne Open House on today, it was a very busy city today indeed.

Michael Devlin

Michael Devlin

Michael Devlin

The look Michael gives you when you make him sit on random stuff we find in alley ways. 🤣

Michael in the Alley

Photographing Cookies

Today’s Office

Today we photographed a couple of hundred products for a local cafe supply company. It was almost literally back-breaking work. Being bent over for most of the day positioning elements here and there on our little boards.

The tabletop for the shoot was made by the client, from some fence palings she had laying around the yard. A mighty good effort I say, they came up a treat in the final photos.

We haven’t processed many of the images yet, but I’ll share a few when they David is finished with them. For now, a couple of behind the scenes photos.

Our set up

Photographing Cookies

Yummy Slices

Damn you Kimmy Schmidt!

If you’re crazy and still up, this damn song is stuck in my head… Damn you Kimmy Schmidt!

It has probably been a week since we watched the episode and it just now jumped into my head.

Titus Andromedon, played by Titus Burgess, is one of the best comedy actors I have seen in a while.

Boobs in California

Love in California
Living left coast time
I don’t need to warn ya
The babes out here are so fine
Shirts off, shades on
Smash Mouth on the stereo
Rocking with the top down
Is hella rad, now here we go

I love boobs in California
Sand in California
Boobs in California
And My Stang in California
I love dogs in California
Hikes in California
But the boobs in California
Are the greatest boobs around
Oh oh oh oh
The greatest boobs

Daisy dukes so high
The pockets are-a peeking
Every day in Cali-land
Is a weekend

I love boobs in California
Sun in California
Sky in California
And my bro in California
I love bikes in California
Working out in California
But the boobs in California
Are the greatest boobs around
Oh oh oh oh
Are the greatest boobs around
Oh oh oh oh
The greatest boobs are in California

YAY, I got a first place!

Yay I got a first place!

I haven’t entered anything in our Camera Club comps for a while, been so busy with work. But environmental portraits are something I was very excited about as a subject.

This is Di, she runs a store in Fitzroy North called Clara Fox, it’s quite the eclectic store. She was featured in TMix+ magazine for her love of old recipe books. At her home she has steamer trunks full of them. She also provided a bunch of the clothing and style direction for A Place to Call Home on the Seven Network.

She’s an awesome lady, I keep meaning to drop in on her again, she’s quite the charmer and I’m sure she has a lot of awesome stories she could tell.

Di is one of those ladies that proves that a photograph is not just about pointing a camera at someone and clicking the button. I spent a good hour sitting with her and talking before I even pulled my camera out. It’s a photo I’m very happy with and I’m glad it received an award. I might have it framed for her.

Molly Burke an Inspiration

One of Casey Neistat’s best videos in a while, introducing us to Molly Burke a young lady who has become blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. She’s a YouTuber even though she’s been blind for 9 years!

I think one of the best thing in the video was when Molly talked about how this is her normal…

Give it a look if you have the time, it’s well worth the 12 minutes.