Eyes Closed

And so I close my eyes to the world around me
Finding peace in my solitude
Who cares who’s killing who? That millions may be affected by drought. Battling to save their lands.
Going to war! Not on my time. You go on and do that in your world outside.
This is my life, I only get the one. I’ll live it my way thanks.
Let me be!

Thick With Decay

I smell the decay.
I hear his final breath as life ebbs away.
Feel the weight of the air thick with death.
Taste the sweat from my lip, moist with exertion.
Seeing nothing, eyes closed fearing what I have done.

Your God Is Dead!

If there was a god. He has been killed by man.
And why not? We have a unique ability as humans to destroy anything and everything.
To say religon is real, that all your gods exist, by its very nature the argument proves itself false.

If the word of your god, tells you he is the one and only and that you must live as his commandments command, but your neighbour believes his god is the one true god, because the word of his god says so… Can you both be right?

Let go of your gods. Embrace life. Live for you. Live for now. Live for life.

You only get one chance. Don’t spend it fighting a battle you can not win!

Crazy Bomber

I’m going to my God.

A bomb strapped around my waist, more than 200 people in my sights.

My God waits, arms wide, together we will revel in my merriment.
Celebrate my glorious defeat at the hands of the infidels.

200 people, should guarantee my place in my version of heaven.

But since I wear the bomb I die too.

If my actions bring about change, I will not be alive to see it.

Those who commanded my actions will and they will remember my name…

… won’t they?

I don’t usually explain these things, but in light of the current world climate and the fact that we are locking people up for making random comments when boarding a plane, I felt it necesary to say… I am not a crazy bomber. I would never kill another person at someone elses command. This was more written because who really remembers a single name of a single suicide bomber? In their mind they die heros.

Last Day

It’s today… the last I will know…
Ebbing in my viens the blood now flows only when it feels like it

My broken heart, incapable of beating as it used to.

“Why” the last word from lips that will touch your flesh no more.

All good things and all that,
It should have come as no suprise.

And so it’s today… the last I will know.

War is Never the Answer

It’s one of those situations where we all want to be able to do something, cause let’s face it, we are being railroaded to a war. I would personally do anything I think would help (provided I don’t have to get killed or anything), you may think I should be happy to die for my convitions, I say “fuck that”, what good is fighting and dying, never knowing if my fight was worth it.

Our government seems to think that we are no longer a democracy and that we as the people no longer deserve a say in what happens… we pride ourselves on our Multi-culturalism, but want to join a war to crush someone else’s way of life because it is so unlike our own. I don’t agree with the opposing way of life myself but think that war is really not the answer.

We should be, as a world united, closing down the countries that we don’t want to deal with… put up borders, nothing goes in, nothing comes out. It’s the most peaceful way to end it. Eventually it will be up to the people of that country to decide what they want to do. We can’t accept oil and other exports from these counties and then condemn them. We can’t supply them with military weapons to fight wars of the past and then cry foul when those same weapons are used to defend their way of life.

Terrorism… a matter of perspective. Do we run to the side of the US and support them because we think their fight is just? Or do we support them out of fear of what may happen if we don’t. Are we terrorfied as a country about the repurcussions of not standing beside the world-superpower?

I don’t condone any act of murder, in any form, by anyone. I call upon the world (though most of the world will never read this) to form a world governemt with the power to point at a country and say… the way you treat your people sucks, you’re outta here. But until that happens we can not run into a war, the agenda of which is pretty hazy at best. You can not rid the world of terrorism, you can just create terror in the hearts of men. Scare them against acts of violence with threatened acts of violence (or terrorism, oops can we say that).

Take heed however, for every oppressed person eventually snaps…

Under the Wheels of the Peak Hour Express

“We are all connected” great Sony ad, even greater concept.

What can I say, I believe it more than I believe I need air to survive… we are all connected.

The actions of one have so many repercussions in my day to day life through to the actual days that I go through, through all eternity.

I heard about this person who threw themselves in front of a train today… was it someone I know. I doubt it. I believe most of my friends and acquantences are a little more together than that, but how do I know? Either way there is one less person in the world as ten thousand more are born.

I didn’t know this person but by their actions they have affected my life. Reaffirming my need to survive and not become an anonymous statistic of the “chew them up and spit them out” world we live in. They have even changed your life as you ready this (you are reading this aren’t you?). If they had not done what they did, when they did, who knows what you would be doing right now?

Your decision to read this may have saved your life, sheesh that is a far fetched comment, but it may be true. You might have gone to the shop for milk instead of reading this and ended up under the route 9 as it whizzed by! You could be eating a meal, a piece of which may become lodged in your windpipe (at least then you could assure me that we do need air to survive).

Either way, you may never have back the 3 minutes it has taken to read this and may have saved your life, could cost it too of course just as easily, but why be negitive.

So the train jumper I was telling you about, made my train late home, my mum angry that I missed dinner and got me stuck behind a red light on my way out to pick up a bite to eat. There I saw the most gorgeous guy in the car next to mine who just happened to be going to the same place as me. Oh and it got me his number and a first date.

This guy of course could be a psycho killer and you may read about my corpse being found in a shallow grave, thanks train jumper.

Treading the Path

Did you know I was supposed to be a teacher? I have had it planned since I was four years old. It wasn’t a child’s rambling, not a dream. At times I still yearn for the career I abandoned before it even began.

I made no conscious decisions that have me where I am today, somewhere along the way I realised the plans of a child had to fall by the wayside.

Quite possibly it was at same time I knew I would never be a father. At 11 or so I realised that two grown men could not have a baby together, another plan dashed. As certain as I was that I would be an excellent father, I was also certain that the process described to bring about conception was neither desirable nor applicable to me.

Never growing up did I think that I would have to couple with a female, I always preferred the other boys in the playground. Still stunned when people act with suprise at the fact that I have never even “pashed” a girl. Why would I want to?

So the life I live continues. I no longer make decisions about its direction. Living with the belief that fate has me in her steady grasp and has done an alright job so far.