Yet Again We Won!

Yay, perhaps David is our lucky charm, he’s been at the last couple of games and we’ve won them. This time 49-39. Not to be a sore winner but the other team sucked a bit, the were great players but when you have a mother, holding a baby on the side line screaming “Foul them, foul them” and cheers when they do kinda says the team is a little rotten at the core.

But hey we won and that’s all that matters :D

I think that makes us third on the ladder (from the other end). *grins*

Work Experience Girl

This week we have a nice girl here doing work experience… in a place like this work experience means shuffling papers (with papercuts as a bonus), filing crap that should have been filed years ago and cleaning out storage sheds… not really all that much to do with Marketing or having fun which is what it should be.

Work Experience Girl (WEG) spent the afternoon in the Edit Suite with me and Simon. With-in a half an hour she announced that Simon was just a small boy in a big boy’s body. While on the surface this may appear an accurate description of young Simon, sitting with him day after day you learn he is something so much more.

WEG also taught us about MySpace and what it means to kids of today. I have avoided MySpace like the plague… it’s a ugly, garish, mishmash of same but different design with everyone’s comments full of “Please add me” and corresponding “Thanks for the add”. Like, what is that about?

Apparently it means something to these kids, and while WEG says she’d never ever meet anyone from MySpace it seems just from the brief view we had others probably would and have… don’t they know how dangerous that is?
Scary little world these teenagers live in these day, it’s good to know there’s at least one younger girl out there with a sensible head on her shoulders.

Oh and Simon also attempted to teach binary, I’m not quite sure she got it completely. :P

Uninvited… is not just an Alanis Morissette Song

I have never been un-invited from somewhere, never before now that is.

I understand the reason and know that in a roundabout way I brought it on myself. I knew, without a doubt, that my actions of last week would result in the loss of something I’ve come to hold quite dear… friendship is never an easy thing to part with.

I never expected that a friend would choose a friend over a partner and I knew that being the one to bring to light to a certain situation would put me on the outer, but I believe that I did the right thing.

In the same way, I know that my friend’s decision is the right thing for him, he needs to do what will make him the most happy in life. I can only give him one piece of advise.

Restore to your partner unconditional love… don’t feel that he has to prove himself to you before it can return. Believe in him wholly. If you’re going to survive as a couple you can not do it with distrust. He has told you everything and you believe it to be so, there are no more secrets, trust should be restored.

It is apparent now that we won’t see you guys as much, but I still wish to visit vicarously via your blog, so keep it up, I’ll be watching. And of course commenting… I’m never short of an opinion.

Edit 200607192314: Okay so maybe it sounded a little too final… and I didn’t want that. I’m very very happy to remain friends because as I said above I cherish the friendship we formed and would miss it more than a little if it were to go away.

OMG It’s Done

After spending most of the weekend working and the touch-ups today the new site for Mt Buffalo Resort is (almost) complete. Couple of little things to go, then of course many many updates going forward… but the bulk of the work and stress is now done!

Check it out: Mt Buffalo Resort.

Guess I’ll Get Used to It

Doof, doof, doof, doof, doof… yikes ain’t they got a TV. It’s not like we live in an apartment building and all I can hear is the music from next door. Further it all seems to be music with no words and a whole lotta bass.

I don’t even know what these new people look like. Quite amazing how used to the quiet neighbourhood we have become. When David and I started going out, we lived on King Street in Newtown… it is THE main street in Newtown in Sydney and was very loud.

These days seems I’m a lighter sleeper.

10.30 at Night!

Who moves in at 10.30 at night? And has their stereo playing nice and loud. Now I’m known to play my music kinda loud at times, but never late at night. David went to meet the nice new neighbours and asked them to turn it down a bit.

Basketball Diaries – We Won!

Image from FlickrAnd while David was nice enought to manage the scoreboard for us, he didn’t do any creative scoring.

I scored two points and we won 48 – 24.

Hurray, Hurray.

I’ve learnt to be more agressive on the court… you can only get a foul if you’re really bad or if the other player has the ball. I guess I’m just starting to feel more comfortable on the court.

Photo by Jaemama23 found on Flickr

Flickr Find 0002

Amazing Creature The Gerenuk, or Giraffe Gazelle, (Litocranius walleri) is an antelope, also called the giraffe gazelle, found in East Africa. Great photo from Flipped Out check it out on Flickr.

I’d never seen this creature before, so I thought I would share. Once you see the full body shot on the Wikipedia entry for the Gerenuk it’s not as impressive as the portrait here.

Great photo and interesting looking beast… thought I would share.