Any attempt to try and explain what I dreamt last night will not be adequate, but I must try. Click the arrow to read the rest of the post… it is quite long. I apologise now for any spelling errors, it has been written pretty much as soon as I woke.
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Basketball Woes

Bugger, bugger… we lost again. At least this time it wasn’t a walk over… I think the score was 33:28, they won… for the first half of the game we were one man down. Simon wasn’t going to play but came in to tell us and found that we were a man down so stuck around. Glad he brought  stuff with him.

No scoring for me, but I did stop them from scoring on several occasions. So a little happy with myself.

It is David’s birthday next wednesday so I won’t be playing… I think I’ll be out at Mexican that night… yay. Better hit the gym as a pre-emptive strike for all thos calories coming my way over the next week.

My Name is Nathaniel…

It’s dark where I exist, an ageless time has passed, I’ve been thirteen for as long as I can remember. I see the world though blurred eyes, glimpses of clarity let me see what THEY want me to see. At least I’m not alone. There are the others, a council of many.

I don’t get this opportunity often so let me say my piece, even now I feel them tugging me back into my place, they don’t want me at the front, my time is in the past and another leads. A fragmented mind, scared, certain, at ease, curious, without fear, trembling in a void. I am but one, we are many.

So very few times are available when the mind relaxes and we are free to have a voice. And now that I am here I don’t know what to say. There is one in here who never sees the light. You wouldn’t like it if he did… even we fear him, it’s all we can do to keep him down.

The one who leads is clear, and level, unlike the one before him. But like the before and I the leaders time will pass and another will take his place.

Fractured mind… they say I’ve told you too much, things you don’t need to know, things that you shouldn’t know. I don’t think I’ve said enough. Another time will come… until then, believe.

Get with the Program Sony

Hey Sony… nice move allowing people to share music on their blogs and “profile pages” (read as myspace).

But dudes you need to improve the quality… BIG TIME. I checked out Dixie Chicks song “Not Ready to Make Nice” and the sound quality is nasty. Given what you can do with Flash 8 and some of the codecs, this implimentation is poor form.
Some other cool tracks of note P!nk’s “Who Knew“, Teddy Geiger’s “For You I Will (Confidence)“.

Good plan, so far poorly implimented. You can’t even do the embed yet. Why launch it before you’re ready?

Two Afternoon Movies

Yesterday, much like today, I was incredibly tired… not sure why, but I decided to spend the afternoon in front of the TV watching a couple of movies.

Chosen movies were “Date Movie” and “Tristian and Isolde

Date Movie was pretty much crap… not a good one especially given the same people involved with Scary Movie created it. They tried to fit way too much into the movie… too many parodies so it basically became a bunch of skits (not very good ones) loosely joined together.

Of course Date Movie does include Australia’s own Sophie Monk in the role of “Andy” the best [wo]man. Her part is much bigger than I expected it to be. As far as any chance of her becoming a big time actress, I think she looks (and sounds) a little too much like Melissa George (Home & Away, Amitiville Horror).

Tristian and Isolde was a surprise. I thought it would be crap, but it was actually quite entertaining, endearing… I felt somewhat moved. Just enough action to balance out the love fest that it was.

Totally Rad Dude

I like to believe that Radio advertising doesn’t work… yesterday I was proven wrong.

I have never before responded to an ad I heard on commercial radio, but yesterday while on our way to High Point shopping centre to get David some new shoes an ad came on that changed that.

Advertising Skateand Surf brand sale, a warehouse was open to offload stock.

Well David has a tendency towards Globe shoes so we thought, lets go take a look.

We didn’t quite catch all of the ad, we knew it was in Nth Fitzroy and thought maybe on Brunswick Street, so the search was on… we drove right place the place the first time and were almost ready to give up when we turned around and saw it.

$300 later and we were done shopping… for ALL that money we got

  1. Four pairs of shoes (two each, usually retailling for about $120 each)
  2. Three pairs of jeans
  3. Three long-sleeved t-shirts
  4. A jacket
  5. A backpack
  6. Belt
  7. Three pairs of socks

All up quite a haul.

I was actually quite surprised they had shoes in my size (15, or 16 depending on the make) when I go into a store and attempt to buy Globes we are always told they don’t stock them that big.