A Super Superman

Superman ReturnsAs always I walk into a remake (sequel) with a little hesitation. Would Brandon Routh be a good Superman will they bring a good storyline to us? How will Kevin Spacey be as Lex Luthor.

In the case of Superman Returns, I needn’t have worried. The movie was well made. Brendan Routh brought a lot of the nuances presented by Christopher Reeve in the 80’s movies.

The storyline was light on, but a good reintroduction for Superman to the big screen. He’ll be back for another round.

Parker Posey was a stand out in the movie, Lex Luthor’s sidekick and excellent comedy relief. And who can’t be happy with a movie featuring James Marsden?
As the movie is so new we won’t say much more about it, but as Craig points out, it’s not a short movie, so cut down on drinks.

Our super night ended with dinner at the Gold Leaf restaurant, a fantastic Chinese restaurant in Sunshine… the food was great, who can pass up a Chinese place that’s full and full of Chinese people, you know’s got to be good. Thanks to Craig and Mark for bringing this place to our attention.

New Vacuum… how exciting

… it is for me… We once had a Dyson and I loved it… with two Cockerspaniels leaving hair all over the shop it’s nice to have a way to get it off the ground and out of the carpet. In the past we had the Dyson DC05 with a powerhead… it was Awesome I still remember the day we bought it home to our house in Blacktown.

Dyson DC08We vacuumed the house and had to empty it seven or eight times. The amount it could collect was amazing.

Well it served us well for a long time but died, we sent it back to Dyson they fixed it, it came back but it only lived for another three months.

We then made a big mistake… we replaced it with a cheap-ass AirFlow vacuum. It sucked, but we put the money out so we stuck with it… until now.

This morning we went to Godfrey’s had our Airflow all packed in its original box, they were giving $300 off selected vacuums with any trade-in, turns out though the vacuums they were offering we didn’t really want. The one that was amazing was way too expensive.

We said we’d think about it and left… next stop Beta Electrical. Where we looked at the Dysons, looked at others, then looked at the dysons some more. We ended up with the DC08TSS-TBN. Ticket for $899, on sale for $769 we got it for $640… probably a little slip on the part of the sales person. It was probably supposed to be $740. This vacuum was great because it could be used as a vacuum for the car.


News… is it important?

I was just watching Grease on Channel 7 (yep after watching “High School Musical“, thanks Disney). And during an ad break Channel 7 had a promo for their news… it went something like

And 7 news was there when the story broke… and I believe they were trying to cover it up… and this now exclusive the 7 News… 7 News can reveal exclusively… and so on for about a minute.

No I didn’t leave anything out… it went like that and the visuals were all of the anchor saying these things. Not a single story or incident was mentioned, so I have to ask… is the news important? If it is so irrelevant that they can’t be bothered adding it into the promo, because sure the story is probably no longer relevant. but that’s my point. It was big news one day, and the important thing wasn’t the news… it was who brought it to you first, who paid the most for the exclusive.

If it is news worthy, it should NEVER be exclusive. If it is news, then surely it is important that as many people can know about it SHOULD know about it.

Maybe the promo should not be taglined “Seven News, the one to watch” but instead read “Seven news, the one who paid the most”.

Isn’t she a total betty?

My Mum and Pop on her Wedding dayROFL funny thing to say about my mum I suppose, but there you go. Inspired by Clueless, one of my all time favourite movies.

Fortuately for me, and unlike Cher, this Betty is still with us. This photo taken the day she married my Dad, not that they were my mum and dad back then, but you get what I mean.

I’m just a big baby and I miss my mummy, who comes for a visit in just over a month’s time. YAY.

The trip will mark my mum’s FIRST EVER time on an aeroplane… she’ll do it once and wonder why she was ever worried. Next thing we’ll know she’ll be jetsetting around the world.

This photo was also part of my Flickr madness.

Gone Flickr Mad

Yep just uploaded a whole bunch more photos to Flickr. Up to 493 photos in total. Still lots more to go.
Me holding Maygen the day she was bornJacob on his first BikePerry CatmoOne of Eve's Puppies

Also have to find out how to blog photos directly from Flickr, am able to get it to blog to hosted sites, but this one is on my own server and I’m not sure how to get Flickr to post to here. It seems to need some sort of endkey or something. I’ll work it out (or keep copy and pasting).

Waking Tired

It has got to be considered strange when you close your eyes, dream and wake more tired than when you went to bed the night before… maybe I’m slipping from sanity.

My dreams are linier, coherent, mentally and physically taxing. It’s like I’m living another life… it has happened before and to be honest, stopped when I told someone about the dreams, I was kind of hoping this time it would be the same… no luck yet… but then the other dreams were more scary (not monsters and stuff… real world scary) than anything else. Do you want a synopsis of them?

It will come shortly… I doubt the earlier dreams and the new ones are unrelated… and this I worry about the most.

Kyle XY – ABC TV

Strange I know that some guy in Australia would be blogging about a US TV show that has never appeared (nor shows any signs of appearing) on Australian TV, but here’s what happened. The other day I was listening to Buzz Out Loud and they mentioned that going to http://www.apple.com/music/ disabled the browser’s back button. Turns out they were not correct (and they admitted it the next day), instead all calls the the music subdirectory are bounced to http://www.apple.com/itunes/. On the PC when attempting to go back it included the bounce page in the history so they were really going back to the bounce page and being bounced again.

So anyway… on the iTunes page on apple.com was a promo for Kyle XY… it’s not like me to pass up a chance to see a nice looking guy and it was advertised as a free download from iTMS… well turns out of course that it is only available on the US store, not having a US billing address (maybe the boys can help me with this soon) I had to turn to BT for assistance.

After a short time I had the file for Kyle XY on my desktop for viewing.

Like all current US sci-fi type shows (think Surface, Invasion) they have started off very crypticly. Keeping Kyle’s origin well hidden. Of course the XY could imply he is a clone. But given that a background news report (which is for our benefit as none of the family reacts to it) states that a girl has shown up in similar circumstances (naked, without memory and without bellybutton). If we assume her name would be something XX then we can assume the XY in Kyle XY just means he’s male.
Is he a genetically formed, alien bred? Are THEY together the new Adam and Eve? One thing is sure, the boy knows how to stipple.

I think the actor who plays Kyle (Matt Dallas) watched a whole lotta Data from Star Trek TNG, but he’s not an android they’ve already scanned his head.