Neighbourhood Watch

RangoliLucyWe stopped in and visited the girls this evening (an excuse to enjoy a bottle of Chandon). Took a snap of the Rangoli on their doorstep and a pic of the lovely Lucy, who I forgot to welcome early… consider yourself welcomed.

It’s nice to see the girls settling in and excited about their life in suburbia, away from the bright city lights, as crazy as it sounds it may take them a couple of weeks to get used to the quiet out here.

There Goes the Neighbourhood

Welcome to Melissa and Linda who recently moved into Point Cook, just around the corner from our place (well round the corner and up the road).

Did you know? Point Cook should maybe be renamed Point Poof… the amount of Gay and Lesbian couples who are moving into the area is amazing… welcome to the burbs boys and girls.


But back to Mel and Linda, when they arrived at their place to move in the other day they found a drawing on their front doorstep (like the Rangoli shown here) with flower petals inside the design… a bunch of salt near the back door, a piece of wood burnt on a stone (not native to the garden) and what appeared to be a new plant planted at the back of the garden (out of place with the other plants and had dirt on the surrounding bark).

Doing a little look around on the internet (as you do) the best I can find is a relation to either Hindu house blessing, or Wiccan house blessing so either way it’s a good thing, right?

Thank goodness the rain held off until the afternoon and all your stuff is moved in.

The Descent

Jeff Long's the DescentThe book by Jeff Long -> Not the movie which seems to borrow parts of the book but not give Jeff any credit.

The book has been on my shelf for around three years, unread. I didn’t buy it, back when I was working for Murdoch Magazines it was sent to Live This (a short-lived, long-dead magazine) to be reviewed. I think all the reviewers do is read the press release that comes with them and writes from that…

Quite a book, and I’m only part way through and all the talk about Hadels and the sub-planet world is amazing. To think that another world exists below our own. Where the people, now savages, were once a thriving populations, older than man. Once creators of beauty, now destroyers.

I’ve not read any other books by Jeff Long but can easily see this as a commentary on modern man. Of course that couls just be what I am taking from it. To Jeff Long it may just be a well researched scary book.

The movie takes the idea of a sub-terranian race hell-bent on the destruction of intruders… I’m talking out of turn though, I’ve not yet seen the movie but believe it’s going straight to DVD. So I’ll catch it soon.

Fabulous at 40

We went to a fantastic party last night… a nice get together.

Seeing Sammy J so happy, vibrant and full of life was amazing. To know that just a year has past since Sam left employment with my current company and that she is now filled with so much joy is encouraging for me.

When she worked with us Sam was bright and a pleasure to be around. Towards the end of her time it was obvious she wasn’t enjoying it.

Seeing her last night… makes me want to throw it in and try my hand at something, somewhere I will enjoy better.

I say I stick around for the people (some of them) and it’s certainly not the challenge of the job, but those people are now friends and while it is a pleasure to go to work and see them daily… I could just as easily spend my time away from work with them.

And if I could be half as happy as Sam is… I’d be just fine.

The Tenth Dimension

So anyway… Simon made my brain hurt yesterday (it was still reeling this morning). He sent me the link for

Go to the page, choose flash and watch the video… if it doesn’t do your head in we’ll discuss later.

I’m off to a friends 40th in Port Melbourne… I hope it’s a good night (sure is cold outside)

MySpaced Out

All righty kiddies, I don’t get myspace at all. After another couple of days with WEG, by myself for most of today I looked more into what MySpace is to WEG and her generation.

I mean, like, you can’t even IM people on the site, you can see they are on, and then IM through MSN… okay then.

So basically MySpace is used for adds for friends and thanks for the adds (as I said the other day) and to post comments on other peoples accounts.

The site is way to slow for what it is, and even slower than it should be given the that Rupert owns it!

WEG also tells me that MySpace is cool because she doesn’t have to do anything to be there, it’s all there already… yoiks kids take some time out and learn something new… try Wikipedia for a start!

Oh and check out MySpace on MySpace.

Jump for Your Life

World Jump Day 2006Just like the tours of singing celebs, World Jump Day doesn’t include Australia!

I’m pretty sure this is not the first time this has been around, maybe in this day and age of the Internet they think they have more chance of success so July 20 (that’s today down under), in just 17 hours time (from time of posting) 600 Million people will jump on the other side of the world and attempt to end global warming by moving the Earth into a new orbit… jeez I hope aliens don’t choose now to show up and see how stupid we are!

He Roberta wear sensible shoes, this jump includes you guys in Italy, do something for humanity… save us all.