Partyroom Politics

Marriage Equality is the subject for today in the party rooms. They will, hopefully, be discussing Dean Smith’s private member’s bill and, hopefully, they will approve it for discussion and a vote in parliament.

The government is crazy if they think they can survive NOT putting this forward. It has gone on long enough, over 20 bills have been put forward and rejected over the last 10 or so years. This is an inevitability they must face. They can either be the party that lead the way to marriage equality in Australia, or they can get out of the way at the next election.

For those who worry about the religious exemptions in the bill fear not for two reason:

  1. The gays are just being added to a long list of exemptions that already exist for clergy. They currently are exempt from having to marry people who have differing faiths, from themselves or from each other, divorcees, and even people they don’t think should be married. They can currently just say, nope, I don’t think you’re right for each other, I’m not going to be the one to marry you. So we gays are just being added to a list that already exists, they aren’t making a new one.
  2. The churches will come around, and likely quite quickly. Their numbers are falling, the are bolstering them with rhetoric about the evils of the gays and their abhorrent lifestyle “choice”. But they are fighting a losing battle. Sure the Biebs and other music, and the brainwashing is bringing folks to Hillsong. But that can’t save the dying ideology that is structured religion.

    We know the churches will come around because they need the money and because we have historic precedent… black people and the church. The church was a driver behind segregation and preventing inter-racial marriage, but these days it’s mostly nothing to them. They embrace black culture and in the US the African American community have weird, in my opinion, embraced the church… the teachings of which once and continues to drive the KKK and other white supremacists.

So let’s not fear the religious exemptions as they exist in the bill. Let’s get married and let the church sort itself out. We don’t need them any more now than we did yesterday.

It’s time to join the new world of liberty and equality for all.

Tony Abbott shares more of his (so called) wisdom

Tony Abbott says of marriage:

“It is something that evolved many centuries ago to protect women and children in a world where they were much less secure than they are now. That’s why I would be very reluctant to change.”

And I might remind you, he’s talking about the times, centuries ago, when women and children were chattel to be bartered for (or bought), wives readily beaten for not obeying their husbands, and children were often forced to work in horrid conditions, sometimes as indentured servants.

I can promise you that no woman will be less secure by me marrying a man… no woman will even be involved in the union, so Tony, you’ve got nothing to worry about there my good chap. And I’m pretty sure if two women choose to marry then they’ll be as in love as any heterosexual couple and certainly won’t be going out of their way to make themselves less “secure”.

As far as children… as with all same-sex parented families, it’s a minuscule chance a child will come into them by accident. These children are most often planned for with their wellbeing and upbringing in mind. No same-sex family is the result of an “accident”. Those kids will be pretty secure, as long as you get out of the way and let them be them. Stop telling them there’s something wrong about their families.

The Retirement Business

OMGoodness these reports into the retirement business and in particular Aveo make me feel ill. We worry that pensioners aren’t being treated right by the government and then we read about how the private practice is taking them for a very expensive ride.

Read their special report: The Price Of Freedom

Hurts my brain that humans as corporations can be so inhumane. 😓


FU Facebook

Big FU to Facebook this morning… saw something on my phone earlier. Can’t find it in the news feed on my computer… went back to my phone app, it was there on launch and then reloaded and now I can’t find it no matter how much I scroll.

Whether a case of A:B testing on desktop/mobile that caused it to be in one place and not another or whether it was because Facebook has decided “you’ve seen that you don’t need to see it again” or even if it was just Facebook saying you’ve seen that so we’ve moved it out of the way but if you scroll for four days we might show you again… whether it is ANY of these, it’s a pain in the ass and a shit user experience all around.

They mess with stuff all the time and it’s frustrating as hell. Even from user to use the stuff is different. I have weird looking “like” buttons and normal comments… David has the old “like” buttons and a “conversation/messages”-type threaded comments. It’s just strange.

Wonder Woman is Wonderful

Wonder Woman

This image is so true…

I think of the Ghostbusters reboot, people were crapping all over that from the minute it was even hinted at that it would be an all female team… was it a great movie? Heck now, but neither were any of the other Ghostbusters film. I personally still loved the new Ghostbusters, I’ve watched it a few times.

I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I have a long and strong love for the character. I think I even pretended to have her cool bracelets and lasso as a kid when playing super heroes. I never wanted to BE her, but I wanted to be as cool as her.

We have our THIRD instance of Spider-Man to look forward to soon, there have been some crap films in the series . Batman has more movies than one can count. Superman has already had three outings in recent years (following on from the original films with Christopher Reeves)… that it has taken this long to get a Wonder Woman movie is insane.

We’ve been waiting so long for a Wonder Woman movie that at one point I was sure the only woman who could play her was Kristen Johnston, I still think she would have been awesome in the older style batman like movies, where they were a little more tongue-in-cheek.

But yes, it does seem that any time a female does ANYTHING it is criticised so much harder than anything a man will do; in addition to the movies, consider, oh I don’t know, comedy, being a CEO, running a country. We have a whole bunch of mediocre men doing shit jobs at all sorts of things, and we largely put up with it… even if Wonder Woman only ends up being ho hum… we need to push on putting women up front until it becomes the norm.



Brainwashing Children

Homosexuality Is A Plot To Brainwash Children, Says Leader Of Organisation That Actually Brainwashes Children

What’s worse is she also runs a “Bible College” where people can get, seemingly, I don’t have time to look into it right now, government assisted funding for approved bible courses where you learn how to be a good person according to the bible (and not much else).

Further “REVEREND DR MARGARET COURT” loves to have her Dr title everywhere, but of course is only an Honorary Dr, a status granted to her because of her fame and love of Jesus, not because she actually studied anything that earned her that title.

So awesome tennis player yes… Reverend, yes, because she started her own church and made herself one… Doctor, not really in the strict sense, but in name only, but she’s been given it because of the previous two things.

All this attention is awesome for her because all the other people who think like her now have a beacon to gravitate to and she can and will take them into her flock. You go you crazy lady… you go.

And thanks to Genevieve for the link and the laugh for this Friday morning.

Paris Climate Agreement

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburg, not Paris.”

It’s true, you can’t make this shit up, when I first saw this quote reported I had to go and find more sources to see if it was real… I thought George W was the dumbest president that ever existed but here we have it folks a gold star moron who believes he is in charge of the world.

From literally shoving other world leaders out of the way to be at the front of a photo to clearly not understanding that the Paris Accord was just SIGNED in Paris it wasn’t just for the people of Paris.

And to follow it up with “I’m confident that our states, cities and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way and help protect for future generations the one planet we’ve got,” well were that true then there would be no issues and ‘sanctions’ to worry about, you’d be ahead of your targets.

I just can’t today… I did like the one tweet I saw in response that said something along the lines of… “Don’t do it to save the Earth, do it to save us, the Earth will survive & thrive once we’re gone.”

Foreign Aid

I’m often perplexed by the folks that are against foreign aid, they are against immigration, and they are against refugees… you can’t have it all.

First and foremost we are all human… let that sink in.

Right, now we have that in place. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. We see it in our communities ALL THE TIME and it’s wonderful and it’s amazing. When the Good Friday Appeal is on, people put their hands in their pockets and give up their hard-earned cash to support people they will never know. When there’s a sick kid in the community the community pitches in and helps with the costs. They feel good about doing it because they are doing good. We do it because it feels good to help and because it feels right to help others in need.

So, foreign aid… it, in theory, should go directly to helping those in need in other countries. It also helps other countries get on board with new ways of doing things to make the world as a whole a better place. Is there corruption that is eating away at some of this money, probably, but there is hope that most of it is going to improve the lives of many.

Immigration… the way folks come here through the “proper channels” has been the lifeblood of our country since European settlement. We are indeed a melting pot nation and I believe we’re better off for it.

Refugees… are people fleeing their lives that were appalling. In Syria for example the world looked at what was going on there and the response was to bomb the crap out of the place, which their own government has already been doing for over five years. People should always be embraced when they are looking for a better life. They look to make their lives better and in doing so they can make our lives better too.

When faced with aggression and oppression these people are likely to withdraw from the society they find themselves in, they won’t interact and they won’t feel safe or wanted. This will breed animosity which will become cyclic and will spiral into an us and them that may never be resolved.

One way to “get rid of the refugees” would be to support foreign aid that is going towards resolving the issues in the countries they are coming from and helping make their lives better there.

We are all human and we need to remember that all the time. Who seriously has all this time for hate? Let’s embrace humanity and let’s be better for it.