Removing People from Pet Photos

A quick after and before from our recent Christmas photos at the vet.

The doggins don’t always behave and a little extra work is needed to get the best shot. In this case, Pablo decided to sit on his owners foot for a series of shots.

We tried to get him again without his human’s foot under his butt and he wasn’t giving us anything, so this is the shot I had to go with to make a happy customer.

So a bit of editing was required to move the human from the shot.

Canon Kid No More

Canon 5DsR

OMGoodness what have I done!

We head into the city today to get David a new lens. He had been busy in the weeks prior selling a bunch of stuff, including his old A-Mount lenses and an older laptop to afford his new lens.

As usual we hit all of the camera stores along Elizabeth Street in the city before arriving back at the JB Hi-Fi camera store. It really is our go-to store, I’m not sure how they do the prices they do, and maybe they only give those prices to us because we’ve been there so many times, but we have “saved” a bunch of money shopping there over the years and we’re usually served by the same guy. As an example: not long after the Canon 5DMKIII came out, while it was still shelf price of $4,200 I walked into the JB Hi-Fi store and got a price of $3,000, of course, I spent my money very quickly.

On this occasion, they not only gave us a great price on the Sony 70-200 G-Master lens we were after, they also (at David’s request) gave us a fantastic price on a Sony A9… the bastards! I couldn’t walk away from the price they gave us.

Of course, I’m not one to maintain multiple systems, and because I had to recoup my purchase if I wanted to eat, all my Canon gear is now on sale! I’m a switcher, not a hoarder.

Fortunately I’ve sold a couple of items already, and have a few interested parties in other items, so I’m well on the way to recouping my costs.

I’ve been a Canon shooter since I was 18, well more than half my life, and I’ve gathered a few things in that time, to change is a crazy expensive venture after already spending a small fortune on a multitude of lenses. Thankfully, David is a Sony shooter, so we already have a lot of the lenses I’m getting offloading, so I’m not having to replace my whole kit at once.

Why am I switching… well in part because as per the last paragraph, there’s a lower cost for me to do it, but also because the Sony A9 provides a bunch of features that the Canon doesn’t and won’t be providing any time soon. The big ones for me are:

  1. The focus points
    On the Sony A9 there are over 690 focus points that push right to the edge of the frame, with my Canon I’m very restricted to how far to the edge I can focus, and those about midway out from the centre are not awesome for focussing. The Sony is amazingly fast to focus, even on the edge points.
  2. Eye Focus and Follow Focus
    In addition to the amazing number of focus points, the A9 has incredible focus following. I haven’t tried it out too much myself yet, I was looking for some sport that might be on today to have a go, but nothing is on today in Melbourne, but I have seen many, many videos showing it’s ability to do this and I’m keen to give it a go. It even shows great promise with subjects that move towards you, something every other camera I have ever had has had issue with.
  3. What you see is what you get.
    On my A9 it has an electronic viewfinder. I’ve never liked them much, mostly because they suck the battery dry. Sadly the A9 is not immune to this issue, but I have grown to love the WYSIWYG nature of the shooting. Sure on my Canon I could literally for days shooting, but I also had to use the review button a lot to make sure I got the shot, now I know I’ve gotten the shot when I push the buttons, I don’t need to “chimp” it to see before making my next shot. So I’ll need to get myself another battery or two.
  4. It’s lighter
    Not a lot, but every little bit counts when it’s something you’re lugging around all day. I also hope it will handle well when on my Ronin M. Something I’m hoping to try out in the coming days.
  5. 4K Video 100fps
    I haven’t had a camera that will do 4K that will slide in nicely with the footage from my Phantom 4. Looking forward to give this a go and finally mixing my footage.

Well that’s just 5, I’m sure more will come along… let’s see.

Selling off and handing over my Canon gear has been hard, very hard, I had a little meltdown the day I bought the A9, but I’m getting used to it and learning to love it.

Shooting with Michael in Melbourne

Michael Devlin

David and I had a bunch of fun today in the city shooting with Michael. After a false-start, due to a fun run shutting down our original location, I think we made some nice shots with the spots we found.

With Run Melbourne and Melbourne Open House on today, it was a very busy city today indeed.

Michael Devlin

Michael Devlin

Michael Devlin

The look Michael gives you when you make him sit on random stuff we find in alley ways. 🤣

Michael in the Alley

YAY, I got a first place!

Yay I got a first place!

I haven’t entered anything in our Camera Club comps for a while, been so busy with work. But environmental portraits are something I was very excited about as a subject.

This is Di, she runs a store in Fitzroy North called Clara Fox, it’s quite the eclectic store. She was featured in TMix+ magazine for her love of old recipe books. At her home she has steamer trunks full of them. She also provided a bunch of the clothing and style direction for A Place to Call Home on the Seven Network.

She’s an awesome lady, I keep meaning to drop in on her again, she’s quite the charmer and I’m sure she has a lot of awesome stories she could tell.

Di is one of those ladies that proves that a photograph is not just about pointing a camera at someone and clicking the button. I spent a good hour sitting with her and talking before I even pulled my camera out. It’s a photo I’m very happy with and I’m glad it received an award. I might have it framed for her.

Inspiration of The Handmaid’s Tale

A handmaid's tale screenshot

Even if you don’t like the story of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, if you’re into photography or film making you should watch it for the wonderful cinematic views.

Not a single scene has something in it that isn’t meant to be there. Each one is coordinated to bring the story along. Even the colour-tones in the shadows are (in my opinion) a sign of who is in charge in the current scene.

In the muted colour palette, the strong use of Red, Green, Blue pop the characters from the screen. The use of well-timed and crisp close-up shots was a delight.

I enjoyed the story, though sad, the telling was powerful… but it is definitely the look of the production that I loved even more.

A handmaid's tale screenshot

A handmaid's tale screenshot

A handmaid's tale screenshot

A handmaid's tale screenshot





Affinity Photo on My iPad Pro

Been playing around on Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro, I really like it so far.

One thing I don’t love is I have nothing to indicate how much 64 pixel width is on the screen.

One thing I love about it is tools like the healing tool have Flow control!

It has a LOT going on, it is like having a full version of Photoshop on a touchscreen device. Using the Apple Pencil with it works like a charm. It happily opens my 50 megapixel raw images, though they look a little soft on the screen I wonder if that is just a rendering thing. I haven’t tried outputting images yet.

First impressions are I can see myself using this when out on a shoot or editing on location for quick edits.

Will post a more thorough review to the Camera Club website when I have and more of a play with it.

Affinity Photo on iPad


Bigfoot Spotted

Bigfoot Visits

A little friend joined the Williamstown Camera Club on our outing today.

Hamish said something about how happy he was to finally be on the other side of the camera, instead of them always hunting him as he moves about the bush on his runs.