Let Sleeping Dogs (and Cats) Lie

Is it “lie”, or “lay”, I always get them confused. It matters not, the title gets the point across.


Below are our pets, as they like to sleep while hanging out with me while I work at home.


Bill likes to be real close. I’m not sure how this is comfortable.

Ever the little lady is Joey.

Edie didn’t like being flashed!

More of Jo laying about, it’s her favourite thing.

Porter on the shelf above my desk.


Edie on the Shelf

Cats on a Shelf

Encouraging the cats to use the shelf we put up for them over a year ago, by putting their food up there. Seems to be working… wanna eat? gotta interact. They haven’t used the shelves since we moved our desks to be underneath them. I was looking forward to having happy office cats. But our two just hide away all day… maybe this will bring them out more. 😸

Porter and Edie on the Shelf

Update: It’s working

Cocker Spaniel Dog Show Victoria

Cocker Spaniel Show

Yesterday we went to the KCC Park near Sky, Victoria, to check out the Cocker Spaniel Show and of course we took Bill and Jo along too.

We seem to be the most prepared for most things, but unprepared when it comes to taking the dogs to a dog show. We forgot tape for our signs, the dogs water bowl and we forgot our own drink. We also neglected to realise the enclosure we have for the dogs is completely escapable by Bill.

Thankfully Gillian came to the rescue with her doggin cage with a lid – just like the ferret habitat cage we have bought just few days ago – so Bill couldn’t jump out and run around.

In the end if wasn’t a hugely successful day for PupMates, pretty sure we had spoken to most of the people there at the Dog’s Day Out and/or they had heard about us from Gillian. But I took some photos and that turned out a little more successfully.

Cocker Spaniel Show 20120218
Cocker Spaniel Show 20120218
Cocker Spaniel Show 20120218
Cocker Spaniel Show 20120218
Cocker Spaniel Show 20120218
Cocker Spaniel Show 20120218
Cocker Spaniel Show 20120218

Also made a time lapse, which we had had some height to add to it so we got a little bit of a better result, but it does OK.

I’m still going through the photos so there may be some more additions in the near future.