Joey is so cute

Joey in the Cat Bed
Joey in the Cat Bed

I think Joey realised this morning the cats have heated beds!

She squished her way in and then couldn’t get herself out. 🤣

I think she would have been quite content to stay in there though had I not come along and disturbed her to get this photo.

Sammi’s Gold Lamé Gown

Sammi is mum’s spoodle who came to live with us when mum went to live in New Zealand. So far this winter she has been using a coat that is is almost 20 years old and has been handed down through our other doggins to Sammi. So I thought it was time she had something new.

I found a pattern online for a Small Dog Coat, resized and adapted it for Sammi and was deciding on which material to use when David piped up and suggested I used the gold material that has been floating around the house forever, so I did.

Small dog coat pattern
Small dog coat pattern

I cut out the piece and then decided on a thicker white backing, I probably should have gone for a brown or something that wouldn’t show up the dirt of a dog’s life.

For the inside I don’t have any wadding, so I unpicked an old wool quilt and was grateful to find that inside the quilt was a large piece of intertwined wool that I could cut to shape and fit inside the coat. A little thicker than I may have wanted but it will be sure to keep Sammi warm on the cold winter nights.

Innards of a quilt
Innards of a quilt

I had a few re-sew parts I had to do, particularly at the joining part at the base of the coat, where I left it open to put the innards in.

I’ll likely resew the full edge of this piece and also quilt-sew it for a better look, maybe even add some piping.

We’ll have to wait though, I have no Velcro so at the moment the coat is temporarily using 3M wall hangers. 🤭 When I get the Velcro of it I’ll do the rest of the sewing on the edges and the quilting and see how it goes.

All up though, I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ve never really sewed beyond straight lines so throwing some curves in has been fun.

Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown
Sammi in her Gold Lamé Gown

Let Sleeping Dogs (and Cats) Lie

Is it “lie”, or “lay”, I always get them confused. It matters not, the title gets the point across.


Below are our pets, as they like to sleep while hanging out with me while I work at home.


Bill likes to be real close. I’m not sure how this is comfortable.

Ever the little lady is Joey.

Edie didn’t like being flashed!

More of Jo laying about, it’s her favourite thing.

Porter on the shelf above my desk.


Cats on a Shelf

Edie on the Shelf

Encouraging the cats to use the shelf we put up for them over a year ago, by putting their food up there. Seems to be working… wanna eat? gotta interact. They haven’t used the floating shelves since we moved our desks to be underneath them. I was looking forward to having happy office cats. But our two just hide away all day… maybe this will bring them out more. 😸

Porter and Edie on the Shelf

Update: It’s working

Short Haired Doggins

Today the our dogs were groomed and had their summer cuts done by Natalie. They look so cute and they are now ready for the warmth of summer and our trip to Sydney coming up.

Jo after grooming
Bill after grooming