Freak Show

Freak Show (2018)
Freak Show (2017)

Sure it wasn’t bankrolled by a major studio like the wonderful “Love, Simon” but this is just as good as a coming of age movie with a gay protagonist.

It has so much heart, and a bit of Bette Midler… what more could you ask for?

If you find somewhere to watch Freak Show, do so, it’s gorgeous.

New Lego Minifig Set: Ninjago

Chinese Pirate Battle: The Pirate Movie

Hearing that the next Lego Minifig collection is going to be Ninjago to align with the the Ninjago movie doesn’t thrill me, I don’t have any Ninjago figures at the moment, I’m more of a Pirate guy 🤣. But I shouldn’t pick on them yet until I see them… because heaven knows I’ll get them anyway and maybe I can recreate a scene from my favourite movie of all time…



The Pirate Movie

I think I’ve put a lot of posts up about this movie over the years… but it’s an important movie to me. Definitely one of my all time favourites.

“The Pirate Movie” isn’t just an awesomely wonderful romp of a movie. This adaptation of “The Pirates of Penzance” is a quintessential 80s movie; the costumes, the treatment, the songs… OMGoodness the songs.

The blending of cartoon animation during “Pumpin’ Blowin'” is cute and let’s not forget its complete disregard for the fourth wall or staying true to a period piece with it’s star wars, Bo Derek, and other non-1800s references.

I LOVE this movie and listening to the songs makes me happy, which given my funk of the last little while I certainly need. I really recommend those living in another country to try the bestvpn’s netflix guide if they can’t watch the movies.

So this is the long way of saying, today, The Pirate Movie soundtrack is my jam… it’s getting me through the day and making me a happier person.

Here’s the final song of the movie, the Happy Ending we all wish for. It’s not really a spoiler when the movie is 35 years old! 🤣

Odd Thomas (2013)

Odd Thomas

Having access to Netflix account is a godsend when one is ill. I’ve been able to binge watch “Scandal” all the way to the end and have TV shows we’d never see here on tap and movies by the dozens.

Odd Thomas” is just one of the movies you’ll find newish to Netflix and I really like it, it’s a great sick day movie. Ghosts, monsters and mystery.

Anton Yelchin stars as the titular “Odd Thomas” a guy with a gift, the ability to see dead people and other critters of the underworld, creatures called “bodachs”. Bodachs are forbearers of tragedy showing up before they occur to feed on the chaos, and chaos is about to hit Thomas’ hometown of Pico Mundon in a big way.

It’s a mystery who-done-it that will make you happy and woefully sad as it goes along on its merry little way. I was surprised to find no connection with the TV show “Pushing Daisies” (another favourite), the banter between Oddy and his girlfriend “Stormy” is very reminiscent of that between Ned and Chuck.

Movie weekend

A time of madness. I was watching movies with my vpn and doing work for most of the weekend. Probably more movie watching than actual work but I got a fair bit done. There were however a couple of movies that had me sucked in and not that much work got done during those movies.

What did I watch?

  • Bunch of TV (Fringe, RuPaul, 30 Rock)
  • Frozen
    Three kids get stuck on a ski lift late on Sunday night  and have to try and get themselves out of it.
  • Unstoppable
    A train leaves the yard without a driver and carrying lots of explosives and is heading towards a populated area. Two other train drivers heading towards the the unstoppable train have to save the day.
  • Skyline
    Aliens invade the Earth and are vacuuming up the people. Weird movie, great visuals, crap dialogue.
  • The Last Airbender
    Was an all right movie, if a sequel comes out I’d watch it for sure. I liked the characters. Was put off from watching it before due to bad reviews, but I think most of those reviews came from people who knew the graphic novels/comics. I don’t know them so went in without knowing the characters.
  • Hairspray
    The original John Waters movie that started it all. Have seen it many times before but wanted to watch it again.  Funny how the movie really is the same as the musical version that came after it, the scene cuts and everything, with a few exceptions.
  • District 9
    The poor “prawns” being treated badly. Alien refugees who face segregation in South Africa.
  • Little Shop of Horrors
    The Frank Oz musical version from 1986. Love it.
  • Burlesque
    I loved it, there were a lot of similar scene work-ups as you see in Chicago. The dance numbers were great, I now want to visit a burlesque club, own one and live in one.


Home sick and watching movies. Makes the day go fast.

Today I watched a movie called “Fit”. It’s a great movie, I love it. Yeah it’s a gay coming out movie, a lovely one. It’s kind of anti-bullying, but not overly so.

The action is all quite fast-paced and relationships happen too fast but they fit a lot of stuff in the hour and a half the movie runs for.

If you’ve seen skins the format will very familiar. We are introduced to the characters as an ensemble before the stories are broken up into each character.

I say watch the movie if you get a chance.