Flickr Find 0063

woman of no distinction
woman of no distinction, originally uploaded by phocks.

This is the first time a Flickr Find has ever been about the words, not the image made.

Joshua found this folded piece of paper on the train a couple of weeks ago. It’s worth the read.

I remember when traveling on public transport on the way to and from work while in Sydney I used to write a lot. Often non-sensical stuff mostly. Some of it found its way to this blog.

This prose reminds me of some of the stuff I wrote.

I love that it has been found and shared with us via a third party. It may well not have been the wishes of the the anonymous writer to have her words shared, but upon reading I am glad to have had the opportunity.

Flickr Find 0062

16fl, originally uploaded by kargaltsev.

Wow. I don’t know where this is, I’m thinking somewhere in the US cause that’s where the photographer is based. Actually upon looking at the photo larger, I’d definitely say New York with all those yellow cabs running around.

I love the depth and clarity throughout the image. It has a strong wintery feel.

Flickr Find 0060

YouTube Symphony Orchestra IMG_9580
YouTube Symphony Orchestra IMG_9580, originally uploaded by BeauGiles.

How cool is this image? Beau captured this image and many more great photos during a performance of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra earlier this week.

He’s done a great job of the low-light situation and the distance.

The Sydney Opera House is used so often these days to project things on to, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything as complex as this.

I love the photos Beau has taken. Go and see more in BeauGiles’ Flickr Set for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.

Flickr Find 0059

Wirraway, originally uploaded by mars1303.

This photo is by my big brother. Brian and his friend Scott came to visit us this past weekend. The purpose of their visit was to attend the International Airshow at Avalon. Both avid aeroplane buffs and lovers of photography I’m sure it was a blast for them. The photos they returned with certainly show they had a good time.

It was good to see my brother, even though we saw each other at Christmas it’s always great to catch up with family, they seem so far away these days.

Check out Brian’s other photos in his photostream. When I find Scott’s I’ll post a link.

Hornet Leaping into the Sky
Italian Air Force "Spartan" Loop
Italian Air Force Spartan
Sea King

Flickr Find 0058

leopard portrait
leopard portrait, originally uploaded by davephung.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful image of a leopard? This one was taken by Dave Phung.

Dave was in my photography class last year for the first semester, he didn’t return for the second and his personality and the fun he brought to the class was sorely missed.

Seems he’s quite the hand at taking a photo and from the notes on this image it looks like it was taken in Africa while on safari.

Dave has done an awesome job and I’m envious of his adventure and the beautiful images he’s returning with. (A couple more follow, check out Dave’s Flickr Photostream for more)

baby elephant lunching
giraffe mmm