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17 Years – Happy Anniversary

Ok, so now it’s after 6:30 I’m finally allowed to say…

It was about this time, 17 years ago today that I first lay eyes on David. The man who’d become my partner in every way. These have been 17 of the best years of my life.

People still can’t believe it when we tell them how I moved in the day we met, but really, when you know it’s right, you know.

He makes me laugh, he makes me happy, he brings me joy. I can’t think of a life without him in it. To use a cliche, he truly is my rock; caring for me when I’m ill, and standing by me on my down days.

I’m stronger for having him in my life, he taught me what love really is. He supports my mad hobbies, mostly without question, and he doesn’t get too annoyed about my hoarding ways.

Here’s to the many, many more years ahead. And here’s to starting our life afresh in our new home in just over a week, what an awesome anniversary present to ourselves. 😊

Yellow Rose Macro

Macro Flora

We head off to the State Rose Garden today at Werribee to take some photos around the grounds and to check out the Werribee Mansion (a must visit if you’ve never been there before). Mum probably went here last time she was down, almost 8 years ago, but she has her camera now so we thought it might be nice to visit.

Of course we’d already dragged her around all over the city this morning, so she wasn’t up for too much of a walk and the grounds are quite large. To be honest, after the last couple of days I think we’ve walked more than I would usually walk in a month, so I’m not surprised she and we were tired.

Here are some photos I took with my macro lens, not unhappy with them given it was kind of windy, as it always seems to be when one wishes to take macro photos in the wild.

The sign at the State Rose Garden
Dying Rose at the State Rose Garden
Macro Yellow Rose at the State Rose Garden Werribee
Macro Pink Rose at the State Rose Garden Werribee
Macro Pink Rose at the State Rose Garden Werribee
Bee on a Pink Rose at the State Rose Garden Werribee

Me driving for the first time.

Driving Solo

This is the first time I ever drove a car solo. I was 17 and still 5 years away from getting my licence. Greg, Jennifer & I were visiting Dad and we were at Nan’s caravan park. Dad said I could go for a drive around the park with Greg.

I’d not driven much by this point.

Greg and I, being Greg and I, decided going 5kph was boring and left the caravan park and made for the highway. We went along the old highway instead of the real highway and ramped it up to 70. Flying along we both commented how fast it seemed. It wasn’t until we stopped to take this picture that I realised the car was so old it was still in miles per hour!

We got up to a few things in our youth, my little brother and I. There was the time caught a train from Penrith to Glenbrook with our bikes, went through the National Park and the rode down the Pacific Highway almost literally shitting our daks at the speeds we were going.

And then the time he was in hospital for an operation and bored, so I put him in a wheelchair and we went missing for an hour or two, we visited several wards including maternity to look at the babies, before coming back to a berating from parents and doctors.