Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

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Yet another Sunday and another unusual social outing. This time organised by SueZ. We’ve not had a good run with our Sunday outings, it’s always something interesting and new. Last night was, in my opinion, a great night. We were drawn to this night due to SueZ’s neighbour, Bernie, being part of the group. I stress it is my opinion because David and Denise didn’t love it. In fact David wanted to leave pretty much right away. But I loved it. What’s not to love when an eclectic bunch of…read more

Happy Birthday Kathryn

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Young at heart and full of vigour, Kathryn Potempski celebrates her birthday today. I met Kathryn a few years back at a gallery exhibition opening I attended with my friend Sue. Kathryn was the crazy lady asking strangers if she could take their photos. She has an enigmatic way about her, able to blend with people from all walks of life. I remember seeing Kathryn’s photos on display that night and thinking how amazing they were. Only to find out a short time later that she had only picked up…read more


Easter Lunch

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This year our friends’ Easter just happened to fall the same time as the gazetted Christian Easter and they were having an Easter Sunday lunch and we luckily got an invite. We made the trip to Craigieburn and had a thoroughly good time. We took the doggins along to meet Lana and Sue’s mum. I think their mum would like a puppy. She was quite taken with the dogs. Before we lunch we did a traditional egg fight. Each person selects and egg from the basket and when they have…read more


We got a new baby: Meet Jo

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I always said I didn’t want more pets after Adam and Eve passed. Saying goodbye to Eve was more gut wrenching that any other pet before her. Maybe cause I was quite young when I had lost other pets, or they were pets that weren’t as ingrained in our lives as pet dogs are. Like I bawled my eyes out like a baby when I had to bury Bungee after the crazy heatwave a couple of years back. And I do miss her, but I think about Adam and Eve…read more


Trudi and Saimon got married

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Yesterday we attended the wedding of our friends Trudi and Saimon. It was a wonderful ceremony at the Fairfield Park Amphitheatre. A lot of guests were in attendance and I took photos. The wedding was at 3:30 and by the time the ceremony was over and the guests had said their well wishes light was running out on us for shots. So I have a bit of work to do to pick up some of the images I took on the day. Having said that I quite like the one…read more

A couple of my favourite little people

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Got to spend some time with Am and Ell on Saturday. They are great little people. It has been wonderful having them as part of our lives since before they were born. Their folks are just amazing and these two will grow to be incredible humans. It was great to take photos of the kids. Something I don’t get to do often enough. And these two are growing so quickly. I’m doing this thing at the moment where I try and do all the focus in my camera manually so…read more


Australia Day 2011

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We don’t usually do anything for Australia Day. It’s a national holiday here in Australia, as it rightly should be, but usually we use it for day of doing nothing at home. This year we decided to head out with our friend Kathryn to Geelong. The original intention being to finally take some photos of fireworks, which strangely is something I have only ever done once and not very well. So I was kind of excited when plans were first made a couple of weeks back. Then looking into it…read more


36 and still kicking

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Today is my 36th birthday, crap! I’ve been on the earth in this form for 36 years, what have I done with it? Well if I’m honest not as much as I had hoped. If I’m even more honest, while at times I cringe when I think of all the things I wanted but haven’t done, mostly I’m thankful for how my life has played out to-date. I have a loving partner with whom I’ve spent almost 13 years with, the best family I could ask for and awesome friends…read more

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