Let the Sunshine In

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Our big day today started, as they often do, with the idea we were going to do something small. Just like last week we jumped in the car and head out looking for a good photo opportunity. But all we could see was fog, it was thick. And you know what you shouldn’t do, fly Elroy in the misty fog, he’s apt to end up quite moist. You should also remember to actually start your GoPro so it captures the footage to make the flying through the mist worthwhile. So…read more

Bushwalk • Trentham • Football

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This morning started off getting some of my stuff ready for tomorrow. There’s a thing we’re doing for Camera Club, but more on that tomorrow. One thing I did though was set up my GoPro to record photos for a time lapse. Less about what I was capturing and more about making sure I would be able to fit almost a whole daytime onto the GoPro’s card and making sure it would keep going all day. It does and it did, you can see below 3,272 images in a my…read more

Ride Update

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It’s my baby, he’ll be getting a stablemate in about a month. Not sure what type of bike to get though. Will be either a hybrid or a road bike. Still deciding. Need something a little younger (he’s about 12 years old) and in better condition for the 135km Bupa Around the Bay ride on Oct 20. It seems so close now. 😱 I’ve only done a total of 872km in the last 5 months. Should probably be doing more to be conditioned, with spring hopefully we’ll see nicer weather…read more

Bike Ride: Point Cook to Williamstown

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This last weekend I managed to ride twice, covering a distance of 125km, I was hoping to do the 135kms but my calculations were off a little and an fierce accident saw me a little rattled to make up the extra ten kilometres. It was a great ride. I left my house, road down one road and then I was on a shared bike/walking track… all the way to Williamstown. For about 35kms I was on the one path. A great resource we have down here is all our bike…read more

Australia Day 2013

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We head out a little later than usual this year. David wanted to stop in the city and get a new camera bag, he has grown out of his older bag. Another Australia Day means another trip to Geelong, it has kind of become a tradition I guess. But this time our usual third, Kathryn, couldn’t come along. She’s just started a new job and had to work. So this year we dragged Sue along for the trip. It seemed a little low-key this year. The crowds were there, the…read more

Taronga Zoo

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It has been many, many, many years since I’ve been to Taronga Zoo. This week, while in Sydney, we spent a great day at the zoo with Mum, Greg, Jacob and Maygen. It was great because of the people we were with, not so much because of the weather, which couldn’t seem to decide how it wanted to go; rain, wind, sun, rain, wind, sun, repeat… We must have all looked like a bunch of shutterbugs, all with cameras shooting away at the animals. The differences between Melbourne Zoo, my…read more

The road most travelled

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Our drive to Sydney was pretty uneventful. It’s almost a straight run now with only Holbrook remaining as the last little town to be bypassed. The Tarcutta bypass seems to have opened since last year and what was once considered the halfway point on a journey from Melbourne to Sydney is now a mere blip as you fly passed on a motorway. Of course while we see these little towns, where we were often made to go from 110kph to 50kph, as annoying obstacles — and often speed traps —…read more

Have You Ever Had a Ladyboner?

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Last night was the latest in a week of late nights. With the Melbourne Ukelele Kollective on Sunday night, staying around at work to cover the Brownlow on Monday night and Camera Club on Tuesday night keeping us busy. So yeah, it was a little hard to go out yet again, but I’m glad we did. We started with dinner at KL Bunga Raya where we met up with Trudy, Saimon, Ben and Nikki for some Malaysian cuisine. I ordered honey chicken and if I’m to be honest, I have…read more

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