Daddy Longlegs are Cool

Sorry to the arachnophobes out there who come across this post… while yes an arachnid, the Daddy Longlegs is not a spider. As the video explains she is more of a scorpion.

Also, why they say “they” didn’t pull the legs off, they, or the film’s source provider, certainly made it so the leg came off.

I really love this whole series of videos from PBS, the amount of information contained in a short video, and the quality of the videos, it’s just amazing.

Blue Budgie

Our Little Visitor in Blue

Blue Budgie

Not our budgie, we found him at the back sliding door of our house the night before we moved. The little bugger didn’t seem to be able to fly very well and he was just sitting there. Luckily I heard him bang into the door, else we may have let the doggins out and they would have had a nice little budgie bite to eat.

I caught him, brought him inside and then we tried to figure out what to do with him, no way did we want another pet, especially not at this time. He wasn’t ringed so we’re not sure if he even had an owner of if maybe he was a wild budgie who was tired or lost his way.

David went to the neighbours next door and behind but no one was missing a gorgeous little blue budgie. Next David put a listing on the local Buy, Sell, Swap on Facebook hoping someone would know a local who was missing a bird and while he got a couple of enquiries to buy the little guy, no one seemed to be missing him.

In the end we took him to the 24-hour vet who said they’d take him, put up a notice and keep him for a couple of week, if no one came looking for hime, he would be adopted out.

Wherever he ends up, I hope he has a happy life. He’s pretty cute, don’t you agree?