I Drink Coffee Now


Because I’m a coffee drinker now (albeit only when it’s almost frozen), I now have my own colour coffee pods for the coffee pod container at home, We also now have a Nespresso Recycling container to put the left over pods in. Something we’ve never had before, just have to remember to take it back to empty when we’re stocking up on Coffee.

David’s usual coffee is too bitter for me and I have to put too much sugar in it, so I’ve gone for a more mild taste so I can reduce my sugar consumption, since I’m more into natural drinks, actually what I drink more is simply water, although with all the Contaminants Found in California Tap Water I have decided to install a water filtration system to be able to drink.

On the almost frozen bit. My ritual is as follows:

  1. Add four teaspoons of sugar to a glass
  2. Process the coffee into a glass, Lungo size
  3. Froth the milk (I reckon it makes it taste sweeter)
  4. Add 3-5 cubes of ice, however many it takes to bring the temperature down
  5. Stir until the ice cubes are gone
  6. Put in the freezer for a minimum of one hour
  7. Drink and enjoy.

Occasionally I forget it’s in there and I have to eat it with a spoon, but hey, that works too.

FU Facebook

Big FU to Facebook this morning… saw something on my phone earlier. Can’t find it in the news feed on my computer… went back to my phone app, it was there on launch and then reloaded and now I can’t find it no matter how much I scroll.

Whether a case of A:B testing on desktop/mobile that caused it to be in one place and not another or whether it was because Facebook has decided “you’ve seen that you don’t need to see it again” or even if it was just Facebook saying you’ve seen that so we’ve moved it out of the way but if you scroll for four days we might show you again… whether it is ANY of these, it’s a pain in the ass and a shit user experience all around.

They mess with stuff all the time and it’s frustrating as hell. Even from user to use the stuff is different. I have weird looking “like” buttons and normal comments… David has the old “like” buttons and a “conversation/messages”-type threaded comments. It’s just strange.