Wonder Woman is Wonderful

Wonder Woman

This image is so true…

I think of the Ghostbusters reboot, people were crapping all over that from the minute it was even hinted at that it would be an all female team… was it a great movie? Heck now, but neither were any of the other Ghostbusters film. I personally still loved the new Ghostbusters, I’ve watched it a few times.

I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I have a long and strong love for the character. I think I even pretended to have her cool bracelets and lasso as a kid when playing super heroes. I never wanted to BE her, but I wanted to be as cool as her.

We have our THIRD instance of Spider-Man to look forward to soon, there have been some crap films in the series . Batman has more movies than one can count. Superman has already had three outings in recent years (following on from the original films with Christopher Reeves)… that it has taken this long to get a Wonder Woman movie is insane.

We’ve been waiting so long for a Wonder Woman movie that at one point I was sure the only woman who could play her was Kristen Johnston, I still think she would have been awesome in the older style batman like movies, where they were a little more tongue-in-cheek.

But yes, it does seem that any time a female does ANYTHING it is criticised so much harder than anything a man will do; in addition to the movies, consider, oh I don’t know, comedy, being a CEO, running a country. We have a whole bunch of mediocre men doing shit jobs at all sorts of things, and we largely put up with it… even if Wonder Woman only ends up being ho hum… we need to push on putting women up front until it becomes the norm.



Sunday Confession

It’s Sunday… so here’s a few of confessions for you all (even though I’m an atheist):

  1. At 43 I have JUST started drinking coffee… granted I make it, fill it with copious amounts of sugar, and then put it in the freezer for several hours before drinking it, because I still don’t like the taste; this recent project I am working on has required a lot of loooong days and the caffeine helps.
  2. I still sing (and dance) in the shower. I confess this because as a kid I don’t think I recall my folks doing it… it makes me happy, it’s a good kickstart to the day. I worry that my parents weren’t happy enough or were too busy parenting to do it, I hope they do it now. But me… music up, best shower voice on, and away I go.
  3. Often this is to ABBA, much to David’s annoyance.
  4. I actually spontaneously sing anywhere… often, regardless of location, David will be like “What did you say?” and my reply will inevitably be… “I was just singing.”

Do you have anything to confess?