Damn you scale!

My scale is so quick to say “Congratulations, you’ve reached a new low weight!” When I’m doing well.

But when I’m going off the rails I also need it to say “Hey fat boy, what have you been eating lately!” So it whips be back on track.

Dumped for the Truth

Poor guy, dumped for saying out loud what is likely true for most of the major-party politicians. While his choice of scenario was inappropriate, he was basically saying what we all know to be true… most politicians will forever abandon their own principles if it means getting more for themselves.

We have Malcolm Turnbull as a prime example… threw away his stance on renewables, marriage equality, carbon emission policy, broadband, etc, etc, etc, to become Prime Minister.

Of course the Young LNP likely were afraid of the headlines, like the one that accompanied the article from which the section below was taken… “‘I would be a Nazi Party member’: University of Queensland LNP Club president writes, before being booted” they’re quoting him saying the first part without the “despite obviously opposing a lot of their core ideology” and the title of the page just reads “‘I would have been a Nazi’: Kurt Tucker”.

I’m all for the downfall of the LNP, even the Young LNP, but I’m totally against reporting that is just stupidly paraphrased for the headlines. I don’t believe he should have been dumped, I think his party should have stood behind him and said “In context what he said is true…” but yes, he did pick a poor example.

He could have just said “I totally would do what Malcolm Turnbull has done, abandon my principles to get ahead in the party and to secure that sweet, sweet pension and million dollar speaking engagements (while still collecting the sweet sweet pension and travelling on the public dime).” Same thing, more palatable example.

The Young LNP scrambled to distance itself from Kurt Tucker, the leader of its University of Queensland chapter, after the politically ambitious student made a Facebook post saying he would have joined the Nazi Party if he had lived in 1930s Germany.

“I openly accept I would be a Nazi Party member if this was 30s Germany, despite obviously opposing a lot of their core ideology,” he wrote.

“I’m political, and to succeed in politics, public service military or even industry, you had to be a NSDAP member.

“I also believe 90% of ALP and LNP members would be the same.”


Read the full story on news.com.au

In for repairs

Argh, will be without my Apple Watch for up to a couple of weeks while it gets replaced. They don’t do in-store replacement for Apple Watches, even with Apple Care+.

In the US it’s a 2-day replacement. Lucky there’s no sun at the moment to burn the white watch patch on my arm.

I Broke my Apple Watch

My Broken Apple Watch


Was taking my watch off this morning before getting in the shower and it stuck on my wrist momentarily, enough that it pulled from between my fingers and went flying to the floor… landing with a nasty noise.

Of all the Apple products I’ve ever had, this is the only one I’ve ever bought AppleCare for and seems it was a good choice. 😱

Will have to pay $99 on Thursday to get it repaired, which I hope means swapped over for a replacement.

UBER n00b

UBER n00b
I did it, I signed up to be an UBER driver. Why? Just for something to do, because I could, why the heck not! Pick one. 
Today I had to attend the UBER office in Port Melbourne to have the car inspected as the final step in my account activation.
At the office there were heaps, and heaps, of people going through the whole process, even though you can do most of it online and save yourself a bunch of time. Thankfully it seems they have a queuing system that means I didn’t have to sit for hours while they went through their signup to get to mine.
After the car passed its inspection (as a new car should) I waited in the office for about 20 minutes before my name was called and my account was activated.
I’ve been booked into the next available UBER 101 class on a Wednesday Night (this one or next) to go through the best practises for an UBER Driver.
After leaving the office I threw the app into “Online” mode and bam, there was a ride nearby and I accepted.
My first ever UBER ride was a lovely lady named Helen, she needed to go from Albert Park to Docklands. I let her know she was my first, she was excited for me.
Helen was a chatter, and she said that’s what she likes in a driver. She asked why I was doing UBER and I said, “Just to give it a go and try it out.” I asked why she chooses to take UBER and Helen replied that she finds UBER drivers nicer, she believes it has to do with folks who choose to work when they want to, rather than those who are on a clock.” She did say that she finds herself reverting to taxis when UBER is surging too high (UBER charges 1.2x to 3+x pricing during peak times) or if there is a cab right there when she needs one (they are easier to spot on the street).
I’m looking forward to doing more trips, not for the money, but for the experience of doing it and interacting with people I’ve never met and will likely never see beyond these brief trips. Dipping in and out of their lives and they into and out of mine.

Who gives a crap… I do!


A couple of years ago, for a work function we went to a restaurant in Melbourne that had a no waste policy. They bought all their produce without packaging, and everything in the place was recycled/reused. If you brought your own bottles in for BYO, you had to take your bottles away with you as they didn’t accept the waste.

Well in the bathroom there, they had toilet paper so good that more than a few folks commented on it upon making a visit to the loo. Strange conversation over a Christmas lunch, but that’s how good the stuff was.

The brand of toilet paper was “Who Give A Crap” and I have FINALLY gotten around to ordering some for home. This great organisation partners with charities that assist in bringing GDI sanitation services to countries that don’t have it so good. And it’s not expensive for you to help out.

The answer to Who Gives A Crap is really, everyone… we all gotta do it, so why not help out a good cause while you’re at it. Better to wipe your bum with something that will give back rather than just adding to the coffers of another big business whose aim is usually to exploit those worse off every change they get.

Use the link below and get $10 off your first order. This is one case where it doesn’t cost much to do a good thing, in fact the price per 100 sheets is almost on par with the big names in the game. The more money Who Gives A Crap make, the more they can give away.