Elroy Makes a Break

Elroy Makes a Break

Super scary moment tonight… Erika, from Camera Club, asked about Elroy, the Phantom 2 with GoPro and he was in the car. So at the break in the meeting I went and got him to show Erika how cool he is.

Some wanted a demo so I put him on the table, turned him on and revved him up a bit, but folks wanted to see him fly so we went to the car park, I revved him up again and launched him into the air.

After about 3 seconds I lost control of Elroy. He wouldn’t respond to the directional commands properly and he was heading towards the power lines on the opposite side of the street. He was blinking yellow, a sure sign he’d lost GPS signal, and was having issues with directional control.

Thankfully I could still control his altitude, I couldn’t land him on the road it was too busy, so I sent him higher to avoid the power lines, then Elroy darted off down the street at full speed!!!

I FREAKED, I found out after, some thought I was still controlling him, but I was most definitely not. He wouldn’t turn the way I wanted, pressing left sent him forward, so I tried right to get him to go back, but he went right, then left went back etc so I just gave chase.

After a couple of blocks running I could see Elroy had stopped and was hovering, his once yellow lights were now blinking green, and he was responding to commands. With very shaky hands, I guided him until he was above my head in the drive-through bottle-o’s driveway and he landed safely at my feet.

Some speculated, on realising I had lost control, that the giant electricity transformer on the power pole outside the centre had interfered with Elroy’s signals, kind of makes sense given he was responsive again when both he and the controller were far enough away. One things for sure, I’m not launching him there again to test the theory.

The Fall of the Epsilon

‘“All Australians who are capable of working should be working — ideally for a wage but, if not, for the dole,” the Assistant Minister for Employment Luke Hartsuyker said.’

So we’re laying off 16,000 government workers and then we’re going to get ‘young’ people to work for the dole? What task will they be doing that they can’t be gainfully employed to do rather than becoming underpaid people?

I know there are a bunch of you who think everyone should be working and ‘dole bludgers’ need to get off their ass and get a job. But there really aren’t the jobs to go around for everyone.

If the ‘work for the dole’ scheme means these people will be getting below minimum wage for the work they do then this is criminal of our government. If the jobs they are made to do are undesirable then it’s even worse. After all you entice people to do the worst jobs by paying those people more, not by forcing people to do it for below minimum wage.

Quick rant, hopefully you get the gist of what I’m trying to say… is this is the beginning of our “Brave New World“, are these people those who will go on to become the “Epsilons” of our society?