Headed towards the Brave New World

“Moving away from a culture of entitlement to a culture of opportunity”

-Joe Hockey

That’s awesome Mr Hockey, if you can afford to pay for the opportunity.

Here’s the thing I don’t get with our politicians…

I won’t be able to retire until I’m 70 (if they don’t raise it again before I get there), which means I’ll be (hopefully) filling some job until that time. Definitely not the one I’m doing now, but something.

New starters won’t be able to be able to get the dole until 25 if they can’t get work. Which presumably they won’t be able to because I’ll be taking their place in the job market, which would have been open to them through my retirement.

All the while our dwindling manufacturing and call centre jobs continue to flood overseas where workers are inexpensive, most commonly because those countries have sketchy work practices and staff conditions.

Our higher education is likely to cost a bunch more because of deregulation which means less people will be going to university because they simply won’t be able to afford it, they’ll be out looking for jobs earlier than they otherwise would have. The unis will happily court students from overseas to fill the places at a higher cost.

So to Mr Hockey, in a country where “opportunity” is getting harder to find how the hell are we going to improve as a nation?

Consider that we all have the “opportunity” to buy Dom Perignon and drink it like tap water… you can find it in most of your local bottlos… so we all have the opportunity… but we don’t all have the means to take advantage of that opportunity… and that’s the crux of the problem with the way this government thinks.

I worry about all the things we’re going to miss out on by making education so much more expensive. There are kids out there growing up poor who won’t be able to ever realise their potential and the potential benefit to our nation because they have been priced out of the market.

So to get to the real point for me the math doesn’t add up, I don’t mean the $$ of the budget I mean the placement of people.

More people have to work young and old – more jobs are going overseas or being wiped out through productivity improvements via technology. There will not be enough jobs to be done by all these people who have to work.

Perhaps where we’re really headed is the Brave New World Aldus Huxley wrote about all those years ago. When the unemployed can’t find work we give them the menial work to do for a pittance, we created a distinct class of people who will never be allowed to aspire to anything more than they are born into

Our fair-go nation, one that once offered free education at all levels was a shot in the ass for this scenario, anyone from any background could get the education they needed to take advantage of the opportunities and to ensure their potential future was secure and was working towards making our country great.

You can say, but we have student loans and such, but as the market changes and poor kids have to work to support their parents and grandparents who didn’t put away enough super, they will never have access to this culture of opportunity.

This really is a direct assault on the poor and a propping up of the rich… The writings on the wall and I applaud anyone who can take time and read it and understand where we’re headed and I’ll stand behind anyone and support their initiatives if they can ensure we push the path we’re on a little to make it better for all.

That was a ramble and if you made it this far, thanks for reading. I just really do worry about the future of the nation I call home. It was punched out at lunch time as a stream of consciousness so it probably needs a good edit.