Have You Ever Had a Ladyboner?


Last night was the latest in a week of late nights. With the Melbourne Ukelele Kollective on Sunday night, staying around at work to cover the Brownlow on Monday night and Camera Club on Tuesday night keeping us busy.

So yeah, it was a little hard to go out yet again, but I’m glad we did.

We started with dinner at KL Bunga Raya where we met up with Trudy, Saimon, Ben and Nikki for some Malaysian cuisine. I ordered honey chicken and if I’m to be honest, I have to say it was a little light on the honey, a little heavy on the salt.

After dinner we ventured next door to the Lithuanian Club where Lisa-Skye’s show “Ladyboner” was to be performed as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Lisa is a stand-up comic who does a wonderful job at making the audience laugh at some of the most awkward things in life. She recounts tales of her time working as a screener for a phone dating line. The life of a married couple living in her Greek grandmother’s “wog house” and an all round, somewhat revealing account of what gives her a lady boner.

At times the laugher is nervous as we’re challenged to accept and reflect on the ideas and desires of another. The nerves easily lost as what started as a titter at the start of a joke, becomes a full on tear inducing laugh but the time the section of jokes have come to an end.

It was a great show. Sure we went along because we have friends in common. But it is a reminder that as a city Melbourne puts on some awesome festivals, letting its citizens open their lives to those who care to attend. All the shows are incredibly inexpensive and I really should kick myself in the butt and get out and see more.

To find out more visit the Melbourne Fringe Festival website or Lisa-Skye’s own site and you may also want to know what a lady boner is.

Photo not mine, taken from the Melbourne Fringe website.

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Yet another Sunday and another unusual social outing. This time organised by SueZ. We’ve not had a good run with our Sunday outings, it’s always something interesting and new.

Last night was, in my opinion, a great night. We were drawn to this night due to SueZ’s neighbour, Bernie, being part of the group. I stress it is my opinion because David and Denise didn’t love it. In fact David wanted to leave pretty much right away. But I loved it.

What’s not to love when an eclectic bunch of people gather together on a stage to have fun. All brought together through their love of, for most an unusual instrument, the ukelele.

The Melbourne Ukelele Kollective, or MUK for short, wrapped up their September residence at The Cornish Arms Hotel in Brunswick last night in a splendid manner. They began as a small group of players in 2004 and these days count as many as 20-30 people on stage during an event.

As the photos and videos that follow may attest, these guys and gals have a great time on the stage, entertaining the pub crowd and themselves. I just love watching people enjoy themselves, doing something they love and sharing ti with others. The sort of passion they display is infections and you have no choice but to leave the venue with a spring in your step.

Do yourself a favour and get along and see them when you can. Ignore the fact that David didn’t like them and go with an open mind and open ears, you’ll love it.

Check out the Melbourne Ukelele Kollective website for gig dates.


Watch in Full-HD

Watch in Full-HD


Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

They even had an audience participation section when they played “Nutbush City Limits” folks got up and joined in doing the Madison.

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Melbourne Ukelele Kollective

Canola Fields Forever

Canola Fields at Sunset

At the end of our street is a massive canola field. Once a year the fields grow into this wonderful sea of yellow and it stays like this for just a few short weeks before the field is mowed down into hay bails.

Of course this has only been the end of our street for a short time. A little while ago the land our house is built on was a field too. It has only been a housing estate for about a year. I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before the field that holds the canola field is taken over for more housing to feed Melbourne’s residential sprawl.

So we’ll enjoy it for this season. It might be the last time we got to.

Canola Field - Point Cook

Beautiful Weeds

It's all yellow, the no sun edition

Clouds on canola

It's all yellow

Sun sets on the canola field in Point Cook

Some folks have asked where this is, it’s in Point Cook, Victoria in Australia. Google Map below shows location.

Kate Miller-Heidke at Wellers

Kate Miller-Heidke

Last night we went out to see Kate Miller-Heidke at Wellers at Kangaroo Ground in the far eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Kate has been performing a series of “regional” shows at intimate venues throughout Australia putting a few new songs into the ears of fans to see how we might react to the new material before she heads into the studio next month to record her new album.

After being on the road for over two years, a lot of that time opening for Ben Folds, Kate has returned with some great new sounds. A completely different Kate can be found in her side project “Fatty Gets a Stylist“, both the name of the album and the band.

It’s funny to refer to it as a band when in reality Kate’s intimate shows are always performed by Kate and her husband Keir Nuttall and together they are Fatty Gets a Stylist. Fatty’s sound is at times very different to Kate’s. At times so similar I find it hard to believe her story that on first play some of the folks they were touring with were unable to tell it was actually Kate singing.

One of the songs from “Fatty Gets a Stylist” and I think my favourite track off the album was played at last night’s performance. “The Tiger Inside Will Eat the Child” is a wonderful song at last night it sounded a little different than on the album, though I tend to believe that if recorded for the album it won’t change much from the Fatty Gets a Stylist version, perhaps in a slightly different key.

One of the other songs was more fun, “Southern Cross Tattoo” was a narrative of the ocker Aussie’s lifestyle, attending music festivals and proudly living the “Australian Way”.

There was also a couple beautiful new songs, the one that sticks in my mind was about Keir’s grand father, borne from Kate and Keir living in the house of his grandparents who passed away last year and seeing their things around them. Then there was a song about “Sarah” which revolved around two friends going to a music festival, getting a little drunk on the alcohol they smuggled in and the titular Sarah disappearing without a trace. It’s a lament along the lines of “Caught in the Crowd” once again seeing Kate apologising for not being their for her friend who went missing for four days without any memory of where she had been or what happened to her. There was no mention of whether this song’s inspiration was autobiographical or spawned from some other world-event.

The old favourites were played; “Caught in the Crowd“, “Can’t Shake It“, “Politics in Space“, “The Last Day on Earth“, “Space The Cannot Touch” and “Are You F*cking Kidding Me“, aka The Facebook Song.

Known for her occasional take on another artists work, last night Kate drew on her time in the US and favoured Detroit-born Eminem, covering “The Real Slim Shady”, it was wonderfully hilarious. While I’m not certain everyone in the crowd knew Eminem’s song they all enjoyed Kate’s performance.

All up it was a great night. I’m looking forward to some new material from Kate in the not too distant future. Until then she has a great back-catalogue and Fatty Gets a Stylist to keep my hears happy.

Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke

Follow Kate Miller-Heidke or Fatty Gets a Stylist on Twitter.

Trying out a new theme

So I’ve installed a new theme for my Blog and as usual with the fancy looking themes comes a whole lot more work. Quite a bit to learn. I thought about using this theme for a new site I’m building for a community group I’ve recently become involved in but I can now see that it’ll be too difficult to get instructions together for others to update this type of site.

I much prefer building my own solutions and making them super easy for people to use. This really isn’t one of those.

Even the video tutorial that came with the theme has the guy fumbling around, now sure where he’s at in his instructions and not completely certain how to get it all to work, if the guy who built the theme can’t tell me how it all works, how the hell and I going to be able to tell a group of people who aren’t completely computer savvy?

So I may well use the basis of this theme to create my own. Because I really do like it. But if I manage to get it running like this theme, that’ll be another story.

Stay tuned…

Talk about making shit up

I get annoyed when I read things like this:

They were the only guests at a remote Kenyan safari resort with $900-a night huts – where cloth instead of doors are used – when the killers came.

Now special forces have reportedly joined the search for Englishwoman Judith Tebbutt, snatched from an exclusive Kenyan resort after her husband David was shot dead in front of her.

I mean really? Special Forces are going in on the search for a woman that has gone missing, we don’t know where she is but we apparently know that her husband was shot in front of her before she was whisked away. Or does that just sound better?

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/world/holiday-hut-in-paradise-becomes-hell-on-earth-for-uk-couple-20110913-1k79a.html#ixzz1XokF5wdd

A blog in disarray

I was wanting to change my blog up a little to make it darker, I think most photos look better on a darker background. So I started fussing with the theme template but have kind of given up, I’m now in search of a new theme… bear with me during the transition. We’ll return to regular programming soon.