Missing Twitter on day 1

Made a stupid deal last week, that might amount to something fun in the not too distant future. Roy basically bet me last week that I couldn’t stay off Twitter for a week. Well I figured I can. And stay off twitter doesn’t just mean no posting my own updates. It means staying off. No reading and no interacting with Twitter on ANY of my accounts, apparently Roy doesn’t believe that @BillTheDoggin does all his own tweets.

In return Roy is trying to restrict his own activity of another kind but apparently as equally habitual for him. I’ll not know for sure if he keeps up his side of the bargain, except for maybe if he becomes irritable by the end of the week and doesn’t stop fidgeting in his chair.

Mine, however, is quite easy to monitor, anyone can see my updates in the sidebar of this site and will know if I post. As far as the reading goes, I’ve removed Twitter apps from my iPhone, iPad and Mac, both work and home so I should be right.

But I am missing it, I didn’t realise how often I think about what I’ll tweet in my head, long before actually reaching to tweet. I’m also missing having it as a venting tool. So Roy may not be the only person frustrated by the end of the week. :P

It will be a good experiment but I am missing my twitter contacts already, wondering what they are up to and what’s doing in the world. But I’m also getting less distractions and less URLs floating past my eyes.

You’ll next hear from me on Twitter on Monday March 14 which incidentally is my 4th year and 1 month of being on Twitter. How time has flown.

Quick queer quandary

I was talking to one of my best friends this evening. We’re a crazy twosome having both moved away from our home states, but to opposite parts of Australia. I’m down here in Melbourne while Andrew now lives in Cairns, almost 3,000 kilometres away.

When we chat it’s usually just catching up on what’s going on in each other’s lives and it seems like we only chat every 4 – 6 months but once we get nattering it’s like the last time we spoke was yesterday.

But anyway the point of this post… we started talking about marriage. He says he and John will likely not get married even if it were to become legal. I on the other hand, am pretty sure David and I will get married if and when it becomes legal.

All the marriage talk got me thinking yet again about why we are being denied this rite of passage? For almost 14 years I’ve been with the same person. The person I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. We’ve survived this long without a piece of paper but I really would like to have it one day.

We’re being vilified because a certain segment of the population denies that we’re acting in a “normal” or “natural” way. I was reminded tonight that for me my life is very normal and as I’ve never questioned my feelings towards my attraction to members of the same sex it is nothing but natural for me.

This was brought home again tonight while sitting at my computer, writing the previous blog post and watching a Kylie concert on my AppleTV. No it wasn’t exclusively “brought home” because I was watching Kylie. Sure that’s one big massive pointer towards it but just watching Kylie wasn’t the reason that I thought “what a crock of shit we’re not born this way.”

The moment was when, during Kylie’s Showgirl Tour, the music for “Red Blooded Woman” started. I was immediately drawn to the screen and revelled in the sight to be seen there. I know not many admit to this kind of thing on their blogs that are about their everyday life, they are often restricted to other private blogs that their parents don’t read but I’m nothing if I’m not honest. I watched the segment in awe and with just a little bit of lust in my heart. The screen capture below probably explains why. And my question to those who would say I’m not natural, or I’m not normal is how the heck does this affect me so easily if I’m not innately drawn to it? Why do I find the images below (and the whole segment in the concert for that matter) so worthy of my time and impure thoughts, for want of a better phrase?

Scenes from Kylie’s Showgirl Tour used for illustrative purposes, it is not my intention to infringe on copyright.

While I’m ranting let me just say that I never again want to hear the terms “lifestyle choice” or “sexual preference”. I didn’t choose to be gay and I don’t “prefer” the company of a man, I don’t know what it is to desire the company of a woman in the same way. So I don’t have a sexual preference as such.

Meanwhile I bet most people didn’t even bother reading this. They just read to the images then stared at the screen… am I right?

Flickr Find 0058

leopard portrait
leopard portrait, originally uploaded by davephung.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful image of a leopard? This one was taken by Dave Phung.

Dave was in my photography class last year for the first semester, he didn’t return for the second and his personality and the fun he brought to the class was sorely missed.

Seems he’s quite the hand at taking a photo and from the notes on this image it looks like it was taken in Africa while on safari.

Dave has done an awesome job and I’m envious of his adventure and the beautiful images he’s returning with. (A couple more follow, check out Dave’s Flickr Photostream for more)

baby elephant lunching
giraffe mmm