An Overnight Success

I was awoken about 4:30 this morning by a wet nose on my nose. And I couldn’t have been happier. Bill was nuzzling me awake because he wanted to go outside to go to the toilet.

Not a big bit of news for most but the only part of this trip we’ve been dreading is the fact that Bill isn’t traditionally house trained.

At home he uses a thing called a pet loo. It’s synthetic grass atop a plastic base that funnels the whizz into a collection tub that you can clean out. Because he has this at home he can go whenever he feels like it. We weren’t sure how he would be without it at someone else’s house but he’s awesome.

So he nuzzled me awake and I put him out, he did is business then trundled back inside and back to bed. A success for sure.

Here’s some photos of him chewing on his bone, just because he looks cute.

Bill and his bone
Bill and his bone
Bill and his bone

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