Our Car Arrives on Wednesday

We were kind of expecting it today (Monday) and we excitedly cleaned all our junk out of the Fiesta’s nooks and crannies last night but this morning I got a call to say they have to do some stuff to the car at the RV Sales shop and it will take  a couple of days. I’m thinking this is the tinting and the paint protection.

I then received a call from their stock controller who told me I could collect the car Wednesday afternoon or any time on Thursday, naturally I opted for Wednesday afternoon. We’re so anxious to getting the new car and taking it to The Detailing Syndicate for some personalization that we want on it.

So come Wednesday at 4pm we should be at Toyota picking up our new car, and about an hour later having at the side of a country road somewhere taking some photos to share with y’all.

Two sleeps to go.

I Love Instagram

Instagram is a great little app for your iPhone it takes a photo or uses a photo you’ve already taken and adds some filters and frames to it to make it look pretty. I really like these three particular pictures that have been made more beautiful just by using Instagram app.

If you’re using Instagram, let me know your username so I can follow you.

Perry the Cat

Myer Melbourne City