We’re getting a new car

Well after almost four years with the Ford Fiesta which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, we’re getting a new car.

This time round we’re going for something a little bigger. A Toyota Camry 2010 SE Touring. A bright shiny red one, with alloy wheels, flood lights, climate control, cruise control, reversing camera, and all round much better than the Fiesta. One of the first things we did after deciding we wanted a new  car was to see how much can we actually afford to size up our future car loan, and if you know a car loan can help you get one that costs more than you can afford with cash, with the car auto loans company you can learn what to do and how to do it, ask for prices, advise and the best way for it.

In the time we’ve had it the Fiesta has had trouble with its air conditioning. Apparently it’s expected that as the air conditioning on a new car is being used small flecks for metal will break off and gum up the insides. It’s a known problem but not a “serviceable” problem, and not covered under warranty.

The Fiesta’s clutch has also come loose, at most inconvenient times. What happens in this instance the pinion that goes into a sleeve just under the dash comes out if the clutch peddle goes too far to the right. Another known problem that we put the car in to have fixed. It didn’t get fixed. In the end David’s Dad fixed it after it came loose on us again. He tightened it up with a little zip tie.

The zip tie broke off and the damn clutch came out again just recently while I was alone in heavy traffic in the city.

The Ford Fiesta is also a little too small for our trips to Sydney and is probably the main reason we haven’t made any trips north so far this year. But thankfully with the new car we’ll be having Christmas with the family this year. Can’t wait for that. By the way, a friend in the West Midlands got lenders in Birmingham by using his car as security. So if you’ve been denied a loan before due to a poor credit score then try V5 loan.

So more info once we finally have the car. But for now.

A new type of shooting

Today I went out with Kathryn to do some test setup for a shoot we’ve been commissioned to do. It’s a little different to our normal fare. Usually we photograph weddings, babies, portraits and sometimes nudes, but we’ve never before been commissioned to do a plus-size glamour shoot.

Our model today was Tori, or Victoria. She’s such a wonderful face and knows how to work the camera. She’s sure of her look and confident in her way. It was good a good practice run for a full-days shoot that will happen on the 27th of November at a studio in Heidelberg.

Between now and then we have a shoot next week with a young contortionist and I have about five or six weeks to get a shoot complete my second semester port folio.

Working with Kathryn is great. She’s go good with people I’ve a lot to learn from her in that regard.

Looking forward to next week and our shoot a month out from now.