Still Reeling

Oh man, what a let down… after three days I’m still trying recover from Kathryn’s big dinner. Soooooo many carbs. I had been at 7.4 kg lost before heading off to the dinner party. I’m now back to 6.7 kg lost of this morning.

Granted the weekend wasn’t a good time, we ate out for lunch Saturday, breakfast Sunday and lunch again Sunday. So I haven’t been helping my cause.

But so I’m not panicking all the time I’ve decided to only announce loss once a week, on a Friday. I’ll still be weighing everyday and figure it will be better to only show the losses. Having said that I lost 0.6 yesterday and 0.4 today. So it’s coming back into line.

Took a while to get fat so it will take a while to lose it all again. But I will do it.

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