Work is a Tiny Planet

Docklands Tiny Planet
Docklands Tiny Planet, originally uploaded by tyroga.

Another tiny planet attempt, getting better I think. This one taken early in the morning so the blending of the light to get exposire (particularly for the front of Etihad Stadium) has resulted in more of a wash out than I would have liked.

Trying to do this at lunch time however presents its own problems, including having people moving about all over the place which will have a two-fold affect.

1. There would be people everywhere, including multiples of the same person as I try and take lots of photos to make up the image.
2. Photoshop may get more confused trying to merge all the photos together because of all the people.

So I guess I’ll keep it as this, or maybe come in one one weekend and do a night time shot or an afternoon shot on a Saturday when the area is less business populated.

Home is a Tiny Planet

Home is a Tiny Planet
Home is a Tiny Planet, originally uploaded by tyroga.

So this is my estate, as a tiny planet. Our house is off to the right..

It’s not too pretty as they are doing work to the left of the image, putting in a little communal use space.

And while we’ve been in a drought, you’ll be wondering about all the greenery. If you look at a larger version of the image you’ll see it’s all weeds!

This is my second attempt at a tiny planet. The first being a less than stellar result, this one being not too bad, but more practice needed.

Flickr Find 0049

Self Portrait Alternative
Self Portrait Alternative, originally uploaded by Ben Chau.

This is Ben Chau, a photographer with a great style who doesn’t mind putting himself in the picture on occasion. He takes some awesome shots and is kind enough to share his set-up information with us all.

Not sure how long he has been taking photos, but he has some great equipment and a great eye for the shot.

Check out his fine work on Ben’s photostream.

Flickr Find 0048

Total eclipse
Total eclipse, originally uploaded by darko82.

Darko82 has presented us here with what I feel is a great photo. Sunflowers are beautiful things and they way we have one sunflower standing above all the rest in this shot is just cool.

All around the standing sunflower it appears the others are bowing their heads and turning away from the proud sunflower.

The original title of this piece is “Total eclipse” but could also have been “Late bloomer” as it appears the others have all finished their cycle and are dying.

You can see this photo (in full size) and more wonderful photos from darko82 on his photostream at Flickr.

Early Flight

I close my eyes and I see…

I’m on an aeroplane, looking out the window as we fly just above the clouds. It looks as though we’re gliding across a white sea.

The sun crests the cloud’s in the horizon, and it’s like a second sunrise.

The glare off the clouds is too bright so I look inward and around the cabin.

The people in the row in front are familiar to me, but I don’t know how, but as the look towards me I can see in their eyes they know me. The woman beside me I think is my wife, I can see in my periferal vision she is quite close, in my personal space.

I see the other people on the flight, the cabin crew starting to move about the cabin.

… I open my eyes.

To me the main differences between what I see behind my eyelids before I sleep and the things I dream about once asleep are as follows:

1. The people are crystal clear, their faces are just that, theirs. If you consider your drams I believe you’ll find the faces you see while dramind are most often non-descript. Particularly true with people in the background of your dreams. But even those in the foreground, the subjects are often unclear or an approximation of people. Faces are often a blend of individuals.

When I am awake, but with my eyes closed everyone is clear. It really is more like seeing through someone else’s eyes as they view a part of their day.

2. I see things I can’t place. Either people I’ve never seen before and/or places I’ve never personally been.

It’s kind of weird, kind of interesting.

But like two nights ago when I saw the people looking up and I wanted to change perspective, it was like I couldn’t cause they weren’t my eyes looking at the scene.

And one of the first I wrote about, a small foriegn town, the perspective I saw that from was like someone seated at a cafe watching the scene unfold.

Perhaps they are like mini dreams, but I’ll try and write them down if, and when, I can.

David’s Fortune

David's Fortune
David’s Fortune, originally uploaded by tyroga.

Nikki made these as part of David’s birthday present. She also made him a great apron with his Common Chefs logo on it.

I took the opportunity last night to have a play around with my Orbis Ring Flash and used an old bit of white cardboard (quite dusty from being in the cupboard) as a seamless background.

Happy enough with the way it turned out.

The cookies include some great little quips, mostly funny, one rude.

They included, but were not limited to:
“Everyone wants to be your friend”
“You are the hotness”
“You would have won Masterchef”
“Your cooking is better than Jamie Oliver’s”

There was also the corrected “You’re an excellent penis pianist”.

The thought and time Nikki puts into her gifts is amazing. You can visit her blog at

Behind closed eyes

I close my eyes and I see:

Thousands of humans standing in a city at dusk, arms outstretched fingers pointed toward the sky, mouths agape in awe.

I try to shift my point of view to see what holds the gaze of so many, but can not.

I open my eyes.

Laura IV

Laura IV
Laura IV, originally uploaded by tyroga.

I was changing the way my Flickr pages worked and created a set for Laura but then noticed I only had the one image of her in there so I uploaded some more pics from the same shoot back in December 2008.

She was a great model, but was also the first female I ever shot nude and I have to say I don’t think I captured her right in most of the shots I took on the day and the ones in the Laura set on Flickr (plus a few more that might make it up a bit later) are some of the ones I was most pleased with.