Adam is Missing

Adam & Eve on a DUDS Bed

Sad times in the Troi McIntyre household. Yesterday our doggins dug through our fence in to the neighbours’ yard and from there dug a hole under the neighours’ gate and apparently spent several fun-filled hours outside before we got home from a day in the city.

When we got home we tried to call them inside but they didn’t come, we then found out the back yard was empty (except for Pounder the rabbit) and found the doggin’s get away tunnel.

Then we heard a little noise at the front door and thought the little buggers were out there, well it turns out one of them was. Eve. Adam was nowhere to be seen.

So David printed up some lost dog posters and we drove around looking for Adam and put some posters up. I then went for a ride down the back paths while David continued to drive around looking.

We asked everyone we saw and it seems like Adam has disappeared off the face of the Earth with no one having seen him.

David contacted everyone from Sanctuary Lakes Security, RSPCA, Vets and lots of other people, all to no avail.

So today we left work early and had another look around, an hour or so of riding and lots more calls but still no Adam. David even got the Santuary Lakes people to send a special email to the mailing list which some of the people we asked had seen. Thank goodness for the people who read those things.

Also some of the posters we put have had some of the tabs pulled off, probably by people who wanted to keep the number just in case they see Adam. Nothing yet though. Time to go out and have another look.