All on the mend

I’ve just taken the last of my antibiotics so I guess I should be almost better. YAY.

And in other news I’ve just started a super secret project that perhaps three people in the world will get to see. Very honoured to have been asked. No more details to follow.

3 thoughts on “All on the mend”

  • Great news to hear you’re on the mend. Let’s hope you’ve got all this year’s illnesses over and done with in one hit.

    As for the super secret project…. now I have to ask…. (in a whisper)…. what is it….????

    (he he he he)

  • Yeah and now I just gotta get myself back to the gm without hurting myself :P

    Can’t talk about the project just yet… maybe I can whisper to you after it’s done and I know it’s come out well, but given the nature of the task I don’t think I’ll be able to show anyone, David may not even get to see it.

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