Model Booking

To say I am nervous about my upcoming photoshoot on March 7 would be an understatement.

I already have my model booked, Craig Jackson, he 19 years old, 5″7′ and probably a little fairer than I would have liked, but he was the first to make contact and it seems only fair that he be the first to get a shoot done.

I actually got quite a good response to my casting call, five models all up and definately five people I’d be happy to work with in some capacity in the near fu0ture.

I already have the location selected, a place in Werribee South with a lot of textures and colours, I’m thinking it will suit model photography quite well, with one problem.

David and I went down there to check it out the other night and I was horrified to see that a LOT of seaweed has washed up on the banks and over some of the location that I had hoped to shoot.

I even contemplated getting some of those fishermans’ waders and sitting Craig on a dock and going out into the water to get some shots. But if the weed isn’t gone in two weeks there is no hope of that happening.

As it is I may still get some waders (depending on cost) just in case it is clear, cause I can see a perfect shot, I just have to get out into the water to get it, and I don’t fancy getting all wet myself with my camera in tow.

Can’t wait to share the pics, will do so in about two weeks.

Ben at the Cornish Arms Hotel

Ben at the Cornish Arms Hotel
Ben at the Cornish Arms Hotel, originally uploaded by tyroga.

Last night we got to catch up with our friends Nikki, Ben and Trudi at the Cornish Arms Hotel where Ben was playing a semi-solo set of his songs and songs from his band Kanvas Grey.

It was a good night of catching up and our friend Sue came along as well to hear Ben play.

Oh and of course I got my camera out and shot some snaps.

I think I could be happy shooting musicians who are up on the stage enjoying themselves. The light in their eyes and the joy on their faces is awesome to behold and on an odd occasion you get lucky and manage to capture it.

See more photos from the night on my Flickr Photostream.

Busy Photog Day

Yesterday, as well as actually doing some development work, I was able to take a few photos. This followed my Wednesday when I was at a shoot for TV Chef Iain Hewittson. I’m grateful for all the perks of the job I am currently experiencing. But I also know that I am currently a developer and we have a lot of work at the moment on that front. And yet another day taking photos at a press conference.

You can check out my first attempt at a Gigapan and also see the photos I took of AFL folks giving blood to the Red Cross Blood Bank.



Go into the ground

The recent events in the Australian state of Victoria have been devistating to both the heart and the health of our nation as a whole. The fires have ravaged whole communities and wiped out entire families in regional towns.

There is a lot of talk about what to do now, should the people rebuild and try to resurrect the lives they once had. Some people are even questioning if the people who call the fire-prone regions of Victoria home should be ALLOWED to rebuild.

Of course they should. They have their lives there. While the old adage says “home is where the heart is” that’s not always so. Sometimes, heck often times, home is actually where the memories are and while those memories are not always good, our experiences have a lot to do with how we are defined as a people.

There is far too much talk about making the homes more hardy, more able to sustain themselves during fire threats, but ultimately the answer is easy.

Do what they do in Kansas and tornado states of America, go into the ground. Build shelters that will provide protection during the threat.

These days they are ready made units, dig the hole, bury them and you’re right to go. Stock it with supplies and keep it stocked and replenished and you will be safe.

Please do this, it will save lives.

Storm Shelter

Out of the woodwork

In the face of tragedy the loons appear… with over 181 lives lost to the Victorian bush fires we are now barraged by people telling us that it was always going to happen and almost implying that it was deserved.

One is a Pastor who says this is god’s retribution for legalizing abortion in Victoria. Another a journalist on the other side of the world who says our town planning sucks and what did we expect to happen.

It’s a disgusting display of the human ability to use anything to their advantage. To try and find fame through someone else’s tragedy.

Do they have no compassion at all, no ability to empathise with those who have lost so much? I continue to worry for a world where people such as this exist.

Goodbye Economy

Broken Economy

Whether it happens now or in another 5 years time I wonder if we are in the declining days of our economy? I wonder if our capitalist, democratic government is moving towards a socialist regime? After all, what do you call it when the Government of a country takes responsibility for bailing out a business (or industry) that is failing in an economic downturn? Further they speak of placing government-imposed legislation in place to cap salaries and payouts of big-business chiefs, sounds like a government taking over commerce.

Perhaps we really are heading towards 2012 as an ending of the world as we know it. Doomsday proponents will tell you that 2012 is the end of the world, but I prefer to think it will be a time of rebirth. A time when we will finally wake up to ourselves about the way we live our lives.

I can’t ever profess that I’m doing all I can for the world, I know I’m not, I know there is a lot more I could be doing, but we are living in a society that values the dollar above all else and I am part of that society. But I am wondering if it is all about to change.

Surely we are heading towards a time when the us and them mentality will end. When we realise that we are one people on this Earth. That we need a world government and we need to restructure the world to benefit all.

We are in an age of information, we can’t live ignorant of the atrocities that are going on in the world. The starving people, the dictators in control of countries, the oppression of races for the betterment of others. It all has to stop. Now!

Running the world will be no different to running a single country, hell, no different than running a large business. And I see the following being required:

No more “developing countries”
We are one world. We are a developing world and we all want for the same thing. To be allowed to live our lives as best we can.

A shift in sensibilities
We have too much in some parts of the world, too little in others. We who have a lot should be willing to forgo some of it to ensure others .