Cow in a tree again!

Another Cow in the Tree
Cow in a Tree – Docklands Melbourne @ night

What you say, the cow is back. Yes but this time it’s special. For a start here it appears at night, showing the poor damn cow never gets to climb down from that tree and eat the lush grass just below him. For a finish it was taken with the best camera I have ever held in my hands, well second best, but it is taken with the best I have ever taken a photo with. The Canon 1Ds Mk II might be an older camera now, but it still craps all over my little 450D.

When they say all pixels are not created equal they mean it.

My personal dream camera at the moment is the Canon 5D, which is rumoured to soon be replaced. Work-wise though I think I’m going to get to use a much better camera than that. Jeepers I can’t wait to start shooting!

Work Tidbits

Today at work was kind of fun, there was a fair bit of humour in the office. Not sure why but some funny things seemed to be going on and everyone was laughing. Some of the things were about stuff that went around the Internet (is that a capital i or small i, I dunno) and are too bad to write about here. Others were just silly things you pick up on and run with that have people laughing. What can I say I work at a great place where having a bit of fun while you work isn’t frowned upon. And for me that makes an excellent working environment.

Other than that I created my first Facebook page for one of our magazines, MAG. MAG (or Music Australia Guide) is the magazine you can get for free from any JB Hi-Fi store each month. It’s about music, but not often any type of music I like, more indy type stuff. A whole bunch of unknown people.

Making a Facebook page is nice and easy (once you do your first one). In fact I created this one three times today. The first time I called it Music Australia Guide (which apparently they don’t like, it should always be MAG except the URL is, the second time I made it on MY profile and the third time I did it right!

I also repurposed some RSS scripts to make the RSS feeds that put the content on the MAG page on Facebook, sure saves the guys from the magazine having to update in many places at once.

So that’s my fun and interesting news for the day. Not much else happened. TGTF (thank god tomorrow’s friday). I have a couple of sites to finish this weekend and then I never accept a love-job again for web development.