2012 Doomsday (2008)

2012 DoomsdayBy my reckoning this movie went straight to DVD and just from the opening before the credits I can see why. The movie is bad… the acting is bad, and the storyline, what I can make of it just 15 minutes in is really bad.

The Director or the Director of Photography,  or the editor or who ever is responsible for the seemingly odd cuts, the constant cut in, cut-out of frames is annoying.

And the constant updating of where we are with typewriter sound effect that sounds like it comes out of Microsoft’s Powerpoint is the most annoying thing of all.

I know I should watching it, but like a car crash I can’t turn away.

I suppose if anything disturbs me about this movie it’s a connection to some dreams I was having about a year ago. It involved the end of mankind and the saving force being found in a Mayan temple in South America. Guessing maybe someone else has had the same dreams and this is how they interpreted them.

Either way, it has become a bad movie that can only end poorly. I’m kind of glad I didn’t pay to see it, but maybe I could have had input on what I dreamed.
Wow there you go, I didn’t know until now about they Mayan Doomsday prophecy, when it is predicted that the Mayans only created their calendar to December 21, 2012 11:11 am because they believed that this is when life on earth would effectively end. So there you go. We don’t have so long left to live.

I shouldn’t have wasted some of my last years watching this movie.

Flickr Find 0018

day113/through the looking glass by the half-blood prince on Flickr

I found the half-blood prince’s photos when one of his 365 days appeared next to mine in the 365 days photo pool. Bryan (the half-blood prince’s alter-ego) takes some great photos.

Where I have trouble with focus in my self-portraits, Bryan seems to be able to be quite good at it. His self-portraits are amazing. His photos of others and his candid street photos are v.cool.

Check out the half-blood prince’s photostream on Flickr.

Random Words

Sleep starved and battle weary he thrust his jaw into the air and surrendered to the roar as it made its way from his throat to the heavens.

For two long weeks he had fought from within the trenches, assured that reinforcements were on the way.

Two more weeks have since passed and the soldier now resigned to the beast he has become prepares for the final assault on enemy lines.

Pained by the knowledge that he left behind a world that continued without him. A world that for a year or more had not been his. A world he believed had forgotten him, left cold and alone amongst the dead.

iPhoto’s Printing in Australia

If you’re an iPhoto user you probably already know that the 7.1.2 came with a nice little bonus for Australian users. Photos, photo books, calendars, postcards etc are now available for print. And yep I’ve already tried out the service and received my first lot of photos today.

Basically I ordered 26 photos, all 4 x 6, plus one of them as an 8 x 10. I ordered it on the 07/02/2008 and received them today 18/02/2007 in a nice cardboard wallet with an Apple logo that says, “Your Pictures are here”.

The colours are fantastic, the prints nice and glossy, I was very impressed. I guess they only thing I’d like to see different would be a faster turn-around time. But 11 days isn’t so long to wait.

When I showed others, their first question was “can you print in matte” and “can you add borders”. I’m pretty sure the answer to both questions is no, but I’m not certain, I’ll check it out when next I order.
Later this week I plan on putting an order in for a photo book to see how it comes out, you never know family might be getting them for Christmas :P

DANCE Australia – Competition Time

So finally all of the crap is out of the way and the real dancing has begun. I hate all the crap stuff they do at the beginning of these shows; where they show the train-wrecks and people who are willing to make fools of themselves.

Of course the show is actually called “So You Think You Can Dance – Australia” but for some reason Channel 10 is just advertising it as Dance Australia, I guess it’s easier to say.

As a first look I gotta say I’m a little concerned. They have copied the American set down to a T, so much so that I’m thinking maybe they just shipped the American set over here.

Unfortunately they have also copied another show for format: Australian Idol. Each of the routines is preceded with a clip package of background on the dancer, and most of it is crap we’ve already heard during the search for the top 20. I mean what is the story with that, it interupts the flow of the show and is irellivent to the actual dancing.

I’m liking the dancers they are so respectful of their partners and are making great couples, but I’m not a fan of the judges, they are just irritating.¬† There was also a few hiccups with lighting and sound which I hope the address before next week.

Also, I’m wondering if Sermsah is a plant. He comes across as so not confident, but he is so good on stage I’m wondering if it’s all a show. Either way he does pretty well for himself and was fun to watch, as were most of the other dancers.

Oh and maybe they should call the who, “So you think you can dance with no shirt” cause it seemed like all the guys have lost their clothes, which of course is not a bad thing :P

I Love Molly Wood

I Love Molly Wood ShirtWell I like Molly Wood, she’s great, but apparently someone out there LOVES Molly Wood enough to make a T-shirt for her and sell it on shop.com.

It’s a way-cool concept but not one I’m probably going to embrace.

Who is Molly Wood? You ask.

Molly Wood is a presenter of audio and video podcasts on CNet. Her audio podcasts include Gadgettes (a gadget blog with a girly spin) and my favourite Buzz Out Loud, which she chairs with Tom Merritt. Buzz Out Loud is a daily (weekdays) show about technology news. Molly and Tom do a great job making the news interesting and entertaining, and I’m left a little hollow on the days when the US has a holiday and I don’t get my daily dose of Tom and Molly.

Molly also does video podcasts for CNet. The two I watch religiously are Mailbag, which is about the feedback that CNet receives – an inspired method of communicating with your audience in regard to their feedback. The other is The Buzz Report which is a short 3-5 minute video where Molly Wood wraps up the tech news for the week. Both are funny more than informative, but both are well worth a watching.

You can find out more about Molly Wood via the Molly Wood Page on Wikipedia page or the newly-formed BuzzTown Wikia page. Also check out the Buzz Out Loud page on CNet. And of course if you really want to, you can buy the I Love Molly Wood shirt at shop.com.

At World’s End

Where was I at the end of the world? It’s a question I expect they will ask, and one I had best have a damn good answer for.

I know it wasn’t my fault, but the trick for me will be convincing them.

You see, I wasn’t meant to be there. My vacation was planned for another planetary system entirely. But though fate, or a data entry flaw, I ended up on a far out of the way planet. Finding it not altogether unlivable, I decided to stay a while.

Then it happened, 6 billion people gone like that! And so I’d better get to thinking of an alibi.