Welcome to 2008

Been a busy week and a bit here in Sydney, with a whole lot of doing not much at all.

Spent a lot of time with family, first Christmas for me with my entire immediate family together in quite a few years.

Went shopping with my Nephew Alek where he introduced me to “Smiggle” stationery… something I wish I didn’t know anything about.

Played Lego (Alek got heaps for Christmas) and also played some Blokus.

Agreed to take our cat Perry back with us to Melbourne. My sister has been looking after him for the past three years. Now not sure what to do about the rabbits!

Visited Jody and the family was there one day and saw a whole bunch of dirt dumped at the back of their property. Came back the next day and discovered the bike track that had been created from it. Didn’t bother with having a go though, no point getting a taste for something I’m not allowed to eat.

Took plenty of photos of the action, you can see it on my flickr.

Watched as Jody tried on her new roller skates and promptly went flying through the air. It was that moment and one other (when Jacob nearly flipped his bike) that I realised I like the thrill of “getting the moment” in photography. Sure on both occaissions I had serious concern for my loved ones, but I really did want t0 get the shot.

Got to catch up with my friend Andrew, his partner John and Drew’s Mum, Sheila. It was a great opportunity to have a natter.

Spent the last couple of days at Sharon and Peter’s chillin’, visiting the beach and preparing for the drive back to Melbourne.

Have decided I won’t make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, but will, in the next few days, make a list of goals for 2008 and beyond. I worry at times that I am not doing enough with my life, and as we only get the one, I want to give it a little bit more.

So for all I hope 2007 was a great year and that 2008 will be even better.

Only two hours to go… might be time for bed :P

Sara says I’m weird

All right, she doesn’t Sara says I am normal, now that she knows that there is a reason for my strange behaviour.

Here’s the thing, when I go out into the sun I sneeze. Not just one sneeze like most people do, I sneeze many, many times. I think the most consecutive sneezes was around 20 in one go.

When first seen, the general reaction from most people when they see me in a fit of sneezing, is side-splitting laughter.

A lot of people have given up on blessing me, or wait until the very end and bless me in bulk.

Sara sent me an email today all about Photic Sneeze Reflex, apparently this is what I suffer from, and it’s genetic… but according to the Wikipedia I can’t blame my mum or dad, cause either of them could have passed it on.

Thanks Sara for explaining my crazy actions. Everyone else, let me know if you know another Photic Sneezer.

End of Year Wrap – Farewell 2007

It’s that time of year, the Silly Season, when families pack their cars to the hilt, throw the kids in the back and head off on long journeys that seem to take for ever and usually end up more tiring than relaxing by the time you return.

For this year it is no different for us.

This morning we set off on our way to Sydney to visit the families for Christmas. The bunnies are going into rehab, I mean a Cattery. The doggins are coming with us and will be the back seat drivers for this trip.

One good thing about fur-kids compared to the real variety. We can get little yellow tablets for the doggins that will sedate them for the trip. If only all parents had it so good. I’m not a huge fan of sedation, but Eve tends to puke in the car and Adam gets a little antsy. The little yellow tabs solve all of that.

So we’ll be gone for a few days, it’s about a ten-hour drive each way.

I hear that this year will also be the first in a lot of years that the whole family has been together on Christmas Day. Since my parents divorce many, many years ago, it has typically been a celebration sans-father. But I hear he’ll be in Sydney (down from Coffs) for the holiday so we’ll get to catch up.

It will also be a chance to see a few friends that I’ve missed on our last couple of trips to Sydney. It will be great to see you all and find out what’s doin’ in my old home town.

So that’s it. I’ll update if I can, will be sending photos to Flickr probably daily (gotta keep up the 365).

Before we leave I have to mow the lawn, wash the bedclothes so we can come home to a nice clean home, David is already vacuumed and mopped the floors. Not to mention packed the car and readied the pets for the trip.

… the house is locked, the kids in the car, estate security has been notified and the alarm is set, so we’re outty. See you in a week or so.

Merry Christmas (or nominated religious/non-religious celebrations) everyone. And if I’m not back before. Have a great new year. See you on the other side.

365 Days – Update Day 24

I tell’s ya, this 365 days thing is harder than it looks. Especially when you’re dealing with the fact that you don’t like having your photo taken, plus the fact that you feel like an idiot doing it.

Sometimes I lock myself in the garage, do a whole bunch of photos, then scrap the lot and put forward some lame-assed snapshot.

So to those who are watching my 365, sorry. To those that think some of the photos are lame, I would probably agree. But I’m gonna keep doing it.

I figure it’s going to help with both my photography and my self-perception. Keep your eyes peeled maybe we can make a good one or two.

Bring It On: In It To Win It (2007)

Bring it on: in it to win it

Okay so maybe I should be a little embarrassed to record that even after the utter failure and disappointment that the last two “Bring It On” movies I watched Bring It On: In It To Win It, but what can I say… I’m a sucker for a male cheerleader.

The story lame; the idea that the initial rivals are called the Sharks and the Jets (West Side Story) is bad enough, that they have to form a single team due to a dancing rumble (West Side Story, the dancing rubmle part, not the joining part) is a little over the top.

The acting and casting is a little poor; you can tell the male lead “Michael Copon” got the part because he’s a little bit Jesse Metcalfe. And I couldn’t look at the female lead, Ashley Benson, without thinking how much she looks like a young Traci Lords.

But worst of all, the movie, made by Universal, is really just a big ad for Universal Studios and the Hard Rock Hotel. There are few outdoor shots where we aren’t reminded exactly where the movie takes place. Even beverages have product placement as the actors drink holding bottles in awkward hand positions so the labels are easier to read.

Other movie rip-offs, I mean inspirations, includes the confession moment (obviously High School Musical inspired, and the start of the “Shets” (as the combined team are called) final performace is reminiscent of the Cell Block Tango scene from Chicago.

Overall I’d give this movie a mere 2 out of 5 (if I was a rating kind of guy).

Flickr Find 0015

[Ironía] by [ Romiau! ] on Flickr.

As always I got lost in Flickr while looking for this week’s Flickr Find. And I’m glad I did!

The photos by [Romiau!] on Flickr are peppered with snapshots but often are amazing shots with great tones.

While she says:

I have never been very good at this, nor did I like them enough to do so, however I say .. I like the art world and communicate with even more pictures.

Macro shots and landscapes are all great. [Romiau!] is a great photographer and one I’ve added to my friends list on Flickr.

Dreaming Again

It seems like ages have passed since I’ve really dreamed. And it looks like that is no longer a problem.

Now I just wish they weren’t quite so full-on. It’s a serious hassle to wake up tired.

Flickr Find 0014

IMG_9636 by photojunkie

photojunkie is a great photographer. Where did I find out about him I’m not sure. It could have been through Flickr’s “Explore” and probably was. But I’ve noticed of late that there could also be a connection via the command-N podcast having seen Will Pate appearing in some of photojunkie’s photos of late.

The photo above, from a Wii Tournament is great. It is so clear and clean and still gives a sense of motion with the blurring of the controller’s cable and the player’s hand.

A flick through photojunkie’s photostream will show a whole bunch of snapshots, often taken with his mobile phone, but peppered amongst them are some amazing photos.

Check out photojunkie and other great photographers on Flickr.