365 Day 1

Me: day one 365 day project

Finally I’ve started the 365 project over at Flickr. Basically it means you take a self-portrait once a day for an entire year.

I’ve avoided this type of thing in the past for one simple reason. I hate having my photo taken. Even when it’s by me, especially when it’s by me.

But that’s also the reason why I’ve decided to do it.  And don’t worry I won’t flood my blog with photos of myself everyday.

Why do I hate having my photo taken, well if I tell you you’re not allowed to think I’m crazy. In fact the only reason I feel I can say is because I’m pretty sure a lot of people suffer the same afliction.

Basically what I see in the mirror isn’t what I want to see so my mind does some mental gymnastics and suddenly I have a different view of myself. But now it’s time to let reality reign my imagination in a little.

So it has begun, only 364 more days to go. Lets hope we see some better photos along the way :P

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