Wired for Sound

px200.jpgYAY today I got me some new headphones for using when out and about.

Today I welcome my Sennheiser PX200’s for using with my laptop and my iPod Touch… they sound sweet.

I originally wanted to get the PMX 50 Street cause they look cool and they go round your neck rather than over your head or in your ears. But I couldn’t find them and the PX200’s offer better sound (according to the specs, I couldn’t try the streets though so I can’t be certain).

So the PX200s join my Audiophile HD 515’s  which I use at work and are little too big and chunky for walking around.

I was kind of hankering for some new headphones given that I am traveling soon and didn’t want to use the standard iPod Headphones… they sound okay but they aren’t the best sound.

Oh and the PX200 comes with a transport case which keeps them contained.

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