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Currently working on a new design for the site. So you may see some odd things happening over the next few days… sorry about that. I really like the new design, it’s quite simple and clean. Once it’s here I hope you like it too.

Happy Birthday Jacob

It’s our nephew Jacob’s birthday. He turns 10 today… freakin 10. I remember the day he was born. And while I love him heaps, it wasn’t the best day of my life.

You see I wasn’t allowed to see him. Jake is my nephew on David’s side of the family and David’s family was a little iffy about the whole gay couple thing so I didn’t get to see him on his day of birth.

But that’s all in the past. It’s awesome now. I get to be favourite uncle.

Hope you’ve had a great day Jake and I can’t wait till we get to Sydney to see you again.

Our Newspapers Need Subs

From (link to story)


August 28, 2007 – 11:23AM

A US university student was grabbed from behind and slashed in the throat by an incoherent man who then began stabbing himself, say officials.

The student underwent surgery and was “holding his own,” the University of Colorado spokesman Bronson Hilliard said. The suspect, a man in his 50s, was arrested and hospitalized with serious stab wounds, the school said.

The suspect, who the Boulder Daily Camera identified as Kenton Drew Astin, 39, had pulled a knife and stabbed freshman Michael George Knorps.

The student was conscious after the attack and had spoken to family members by phone, Hilliard said.

The university said the man drove to the campus, walked to a terrace outside the student centre and then showed a knife while talking or yelling incoherently.

He grabbed the student from behind and cut his throat, the school said. The student broke free.

A Boulder city police officer and a sheriff’s deputy who were nearby rushed the scene, and campus officers arrived shortly after that, Hilliard said.

When officers ordered the man to drop the knife, he began stabbing himself, so police stunned him with a Taser and arrested him, the school said.

Monday was the first day of school, and the university used its new emergency text-messaging service to alert students to the attack, Hilliard said.


According to this article there is one suspect (“the suspect“) and he is two people (“a man in his 50s” & “Kenton Drew Astin, 39“). I read this article at 4.50 pm it was posted at 11.23 am over 5 hours during which it could have been subedited, not that subediting should be an after-the-fact action. It should be done BEFORE something is posted.

I wouldn’t mind so much if this was a once off incident, but it is happening all too often of late. A major faux-par coming from the Herald Sun who refers to the iPhone as “Microsoft’s iPhone” on the online and print versions an error that is still active a full day later!

Herald Sun Error

People have said, relax, they’re only human but my response is…

  1. THEY aren’t only human, this implies that only one person is responsible for the article, which I sincerly hope isn’t the case. I hope at least the person who wrote it, their department’s sub and an editor somewhere read it.
  2. There are too many people who read what is in the news as gospel, believing everything that is written, or they rely on the news for their information which in these two cases is wrong.
  3. They are in the business of presenting factual information, they should at least make sure their facts are correct.

So please, if you see anything like this, point it out. In these days when the information our news sources give is so vital, it would be nice to know someone is checking their work.

It’s kinda official

I consulted the oracle last night and s/he told me (who knows what gender they are) that “your dreams lie elsewhere”.

I, of course, took this to mean that my current employer is officially going to loose an employee. Which given that I resigned on Monday was probably going to happen anyway.

They did however come back with an offer to keep me, the offer was substantial and I am very greatful that they think enough of me to make such an offer, but there are a couple of things that bother me… and given that this is my personal blog, it’s time to get personal.

The offer would have meant a pay increase of around $12,000, more responsibility (project management – team leading) but still also doing the work I do now.

Here’s the thing. The work I do now keeps me busy, how the heck am I going to fit in even more? Just cause they pay me more doesn’t mean more hours magically become available during the day.

Further to this, there is one developer at work in IT (I’m in Marketing) who I have written about on these pages before, I was a member of the team that interviewed him and my recommendation was NOT TO HIRE, but turned out that the was in some way affiliated with the IT manager (friends, fellow-countryman) and was given the job anyway.

This guy has been a pain since he started. He still (after 18 months) is asking questions about basic image manipulation, how to resize, how to crop, and what is the difference between a gif & jpg – WTF he was hired as a web developer!

Gets worse because in July he was made a team leader! Sure he’s a team leader of one person, perhaps it is that Dilbertism at work, that those who are useless are removed from the workflow by making them managers, who knows.

Either way, he’s now on a better wicket than I am but… three of his projects are falling behind. One is a major project that a whole division of the company will rely on. Should he miss deadline major shit should fall on his shoulders, and by all rights he should be finally managed out of the company…

Here’s the rub with me accepting the offer made by my current employer. That important project that is falling behind, that one that everyone else in IT says has no chance of making its deadline – that project is one of the ones they want to hand over to me!

So you see, in taking the job, I’d be starting on a backfoot, having to pickup and manage someone else’s slack and in the same time, removing that failure that is by all rights his from him. His arse is saved again.

This however is not the only reason I’m choosing not to accept their offer.

My new employer can offer me more of a future. It’s a young company, growing rapidly, if I get in now the company should grow beneath those of us that are there. Further to this I’ll have access to the knowledge (and potentially equipment) of some amazing sports photographers and anyone who knows me, knows that my heart lies in photography.

Sure I’m not super at it yet, but then I’ve not had the time nor the access to hands on information.

So my mind is made up… future employment is with a future employer. Wish me luck.

15 days to go.

Happy Birthday to Sue

OMG Birthdays two days in a row.

Slacker Sue is taking the day off work today so we won’t get cake at work :P but that’s cool, she’s back tomorrow so who knows ;)

We have this thing at work where you’re supposed to bring your own cake for your birthday. But then I suppose if you had to chip in for everyone elses’ cake you’ll be broke by the end of the year, so maybe the “buy your own cake” works.

Hope you’re having a great day Ms Z, relaxing and generally bludging. See ya morrow!

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my mummy’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Mum.

As is always the case, when it’s a family member’s birthday I feel most distant from the people way up north in New South Wales. And being the nasty son (friend, brother, etc) I am, I don’t ring anyone enough to say “hi”. I’ve really started to think that my mind works on the principle of don’t think about it and you won’t feel sad.

But birthday’s are times to celebrate, not fuss over myself.

My little sister took my Mum out to dinner last Saturday night and offered to send me the bill so I could feel “part of it”. Thanks Sis.

So event though I know you had to work, I hope you have a great day Mum.