Doctor Who is finished for another year

Martha Jones and FriendFirst of all I’d like to thank Bit Torrent and it’s founding fathers. Without this I would only just be up to the second episode of the third season of Doctor Who. Instead I’m done with it and now await the Christmas Special which is 6 months away and will feature Kylie Minogue as a Cyber person.

I’ll not give away anything from the final episodes of Doctor Who but there is one GIANT reveal about a past character that not even the Doctor knew.

The one thing I do have to say is that at one point there is a Dobby-like character (the House Elf from Harry Potter) I won’t give away who it is, but the resemblance to Dobby is amazing :P

If you’re in Australia and not happy about Bit Torrent, keep watching Doctor Who… it’s a very cool season. Martha Jones is awesome :'(

Oh and The Master was a little too crazy for my liking, in the past he was always a little off his tree but in a crazy genius type of way… the latest Master was just crazy.

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