Alright I Voted

OMG I can’t believe I bothered to vote in this year’s Big Brother. It’s down to the line and Alicia and Zach remain. I voted to save Zach. I’d like to see him win. He may be a walking stereotype of we the gays but he will be the first gay guy AND the first intruder to win. Bonus points he’s a fellow Melburnian!

Good luck Zach.

I like my music with a little more Bassey

Get the party started - Dame Shirley BasseyWhile some may say she never went away, Miss Shirley Bassey is back, with one distinct change… she ain’t no miss no more. Dame Shirley Bassey is filling up your ears with old classics like “Big Spender”, “Kiss Me Honey, Honey”, “Slave to the Rhythm” and a fantastic rendition of Pink’s “Get the Party Started” which incidently is the title of the new album from Dame Shirley Bassey.

Becoming a Dame in 1999 this is her first album to carry her official title.

Dame Shirley is the only artist to record more than one theme for a James Bond  movie and while I’m scratching my head to think of a song that most young people will know, I guess the bond themes for “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds are Forever” are the most memorable.

Now at 70 years of age (DOB: January 8, 1937) Dame Shirley is here to show that age is no barrier to continued success and by the sounds of it, she’s still having a great time.

I’m loving this album it’s a great new sound and a classic at the same time.

Pownce On Me

Hey, anyone want a Pownce invite? I have a couple available (well seven actually). If you don’t know what Pownce is check it out at or my previous post “Pownce @ First Glance“.

I have a problem that most of my friends aren’t tech-geeks and aren’t really interested in online communities so if you want one, leave a comment and I’ll hit you up.

The N95 Causing Trouble

Apparently Laptops are attacking their users, jealous of being replaced by the N95 Mobile Phone, the phone that declares itself, “What Computers Have Become” is really ticking off some more traditional computers.

Check out for more information. It is a site by Nokia, so it’s pure advertising, but it’s quite funny.

I’m a little scared typing this on my MacBook Pro with my N95 sitting right next to it!

Which one are you?

Bush said:

“We are at the beginning stages of a great ideological conflict, between those who yearn for peace and those who want their children to grow up in a normal decent society and radicals and extremists who want to impose their dark vision on people throughout the world.”

Which one are you? The idea of normalcy and decency is subjective. No individual should foist his or her views on another for personal gain and yet that is what the coalition of the willing is doing.

Each day they engage in acts of terrorism, with words and action. I’m not denying that evil forces exist. I’m merely suggesting that we don’t have to be one of them.

Cancelling my online life

I think in the past I have signed up for everything that came my way… any new endeavour, every new fad site… my name is there. But it takes time to do this and it takes time to maintain it so I’ve made a decision to cancel as much of it as I can.

I’ll keep on blogging, cause that’s very cathartic and Flickr will definitely stay, but Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook, Meebo, and lots of other things are going or gone.

Time to reclaim my life. It’s very cleansing.

Mid-year function

The Marketing Team

Last night was the mid-year function for my company and with beer and wine free there may have been some over-indulgence by some, alright, by me.

I was lucky cause David drove Sara, Vedran and me in so I didn’t need to be the designated driver.

My lovely team mates were wanting to see me get drunk and I guess for the most part they saw just that, but I wasn’t wiped out, though sculling sparkling wine is never advisable it was the trick de jour.

I was also the photographer for the night and note that I have come home with one less memory card… I know who has the other one and I know WHY he has it. I’m pretty sure there are some nasty (no not that type of nasty) photos of me on it.

Being a photographer at one of these events is a huge waste of time these days. I mean EVERYONE has their camera with them, it’s probably better if everyone takes photos and they are collated in one place for all to view. I’m thinking this is what we will do this time round.

The other hassle of being “the photographer” is that I panic that the photos won’t turn out properly and of course I also want to have a good time.

It was a little dark and the camera I was using doesn’t have a focas assist beam so on occasion I had to manually focus… given my state I’m not sure they will be in focus at all.

Oh and for my team mates who read this, no hangover, no adverse feelings at all. The trick is always two neurophen and a litre of water before going to bed.

Turistas… not a travel ad for Brazil

TuristasA movie in which a bunch of tourists get drugged and hacked apart in Brazil doesn’t make for very good tourism advertising for the country.

A Brazillian Doctor tired of tourists who come in and take advantage of his country has decided that some of the tourists should be giving something back… in the form of their organs. He steals them in the hope of providing them to needy patients in his country, claiming that Brazillian children are being harvested for wealthy Americans so turnaround is fair play it seems.

It’s a gross movie, a fair bit of blood… and stars Melissa George and Josh Duhamel, kind of has a happy ending, for some of them at least :P