One Laptop Sold

So anyway, after saying yesterday that I was going to bail on the sale of the best gaming laptop I had to that guy… he contacted me again and really wanted it… who wouldn’t? It was a bargin.

An agreement as reached that we would meet at my work at around 5.30pm to exchange one laptop for money…

I suppose 6.10 is around 5.30 and I suppose the word cash could be misconstrude and a company cheque would be fine… why oh why didn’t I just say “no”. That is what my mind was screaming at me.

And not only did I take the cheque. In checking the cheque I didn’t check that the cheque had a signature on it. (Did you see how many times I used the word that sounded like check in that last couple of sentences, cool huh?) The fact that the cheque was signatureless was picked up by David this morning just before we went to bank it.

The first thing that popped into my head (sorry mum) was FUCKER. The guy was a pain in the arse and I called him right away and he was very appologetic, I was very annoyed and short in speech. I asked him where he was and that I would bring the cheque to him immediately for signing… I so wasn’t happy. He told me he was coming to the west and that he would meet me at Werribee Plaza. The exchange went like this.

ME: Where?
RD: In the food court
ME: Werribee Plaza has two, which one?
RD: The one with the Donught King
ME: So outside the Donught King, What Time?
RD: Around 12.30
ME: At 12.30 outside Donught King

As 12.30 approached I decided to call Rob back and advise that it might be better we meet outside the Commonwealth Bank, at the ATM he asked, no the branch I replied.

In short Rob showed up and found the bank was open until 2pm, I gave him the dodgy cheque, he gave me cash… he also ensured that any business he has in the future will have nothing to do with me.

I now know that the stereotype for sales people is well founded. They can’t be trusted when there is something in it for them.

Off to get ready now… going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End at the Palace Cinema in Northcote, big thanks to Switchboard for the Tix and to the Palace who obviously donated them for we the volunteers.

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  1. Just should have snotted him. Thats what I would have done, after grabbing the cash of course! :)

    Turn off your own number send and ring him up…@2am. CS.

    So he isn’t going to deal with you again? Hope you told him that won’t be a concern he need worry about.

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