Ahh Not Always Easy

This Internet thing is not always easy. For a while now I’ve been subscribed to a guy on YouTube named Scott Monteith from Canada.

Just an average gay guy who gets in front of a camera every now and again to blab on about his life. That is until recently.

His last posting was about him about to go out to celebrate his 24th birthday. Then, just a few days back, two videos from him showed up in my subscription feed, but I didn’t have time to view them. When next I went back to YouTube the videos were gone.

Then there was the posting from Ryan which heavily implies that something has happened to Scott and he has in fact died! See Ryan’s video.

It’s really wierd that I’d feel incredibly concerned for someone I have never met, but there you are… there’s a guy out there somewhere that I know… who may be dead.

And trying to search for any information on the Internet is practically impossible. Seems as though there is another Canadian, named Scott Monteith who has died (last year).

So now I guess I wait and see what happened. I hope what ever it was, it didn’t happen during his birthday celebration.

Not So Much a Secret

The SecretAn Australian woman, Rhonda Byrne, has written a book, made a “movie” and appeared a couple of times on Oprah talking about “The Secret” (BookAudioMovie).

The movie is a very abridged version of the book and both are an incredibly long way to illustrate the laws of attraction. In short if you want something, think about it… ask for it and the universe will provide.

Of course the depth of the book and the movie is required, because we humans have been conditioned to think about what we don’t want. According to the rules of attraction that’s what we get.

So when we’re thinking about all the bills we have, how we are too fat, how our work sucks we’re thinking about “bills”, “fat” and “bad workplace” and according to the rules of attraction we get: more bills, more fat and an even worse workplace.

The aim of the book is to recondition you into thinking about what you do want. Instead of bills, think of wealth. Instead of fat, think of thin. See in your mind what it is you want and ask for it, by the law of attraction it will come to you.

So check it out and have the life you want. I’ll let you know so if it works for me.

For the record, the links above are to Amazon. I tried to link to someone like Dymocks (an Australian site) but they didn’t have it listed on their sites.