When You’re a Kid… the World is a Small Place

Boy at Window“i was born to fight !———————————- when i was a little kid i thought the world was all i could see. i was surrounded by a lot of anger, fear , war , death…”

The above text was taken from the MySpace of FIROUZ and it struck a chord and made me think about our world.

While I sat down this morning in front of my big-screen tv, turning on my MediaCenter PC in hope of watching the latest Lost episode downloaded via BitTorrent all the while wondering what I was going to have for breakfast, I never considered what was going on in the rest of the world.

Humans are very insular creatures by nature… and there is no reason to expect we should be any different. But why we like to think we are kings of our domain, in a way we are not… what’s that saying “no man is an island”?

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