More Good Friday

We ended up heading to Crown Casino for lunch. Had lunch at The Pub.

On the way in I called my Mum and Sister to catch up, haven’t really chatted to either for a while so it was good to let them know I was still alive. Of course my sister reads my blog (not sure if Mum does) so she knows what I’ve been up to.

David had, surprise, surprise… the chicken parma. One day we will go there and he will order something different and I’ll fall over from shock, but that day was not today.

I had the Chicken and Leek Pie and a side of Rosmary Potatoes. Both, while delicious, were not as good as when David makes Chicken and Leek Pie and Roast Spuds.

After lunch we had a look at the movie queue, decided it was too long and there was really nothing on we wanted to watch anyway. In the end we had a friendly flutter. Tried out a couple of pokies. David put $10 in and lost it. I put in $20 and pulled out $33… we were up by $3.

We then had to play the Rapid Big Wheel… it’s really the only game I like playing at the casino. We put $20 in, in our turns we only lost on one go. After about the 6th go we pulled the big one and took $70 away from Crown… it became a free lunch with some extra cash besides. The best way to spend the afternoon.

Off now to have a nanna nap I think. Bit tired today, not sure why… just feel like having a little sleepy.

Hope y’all having a great Good Friday.

Stalker’s Compendium

Wanna know anything about me… here you go… my life in a map!

Everywhere I’ve lived (though I think I missed a couple), everywhere I went to school, everywhere I worked and every hospital I’ve been admitted to.

This is the information age and my life is an open book. Next I want to get a GPS tracker so I can map my every movement, but it needs to be a wifi enabled device so it will be live. Then I’ll be like a migratory bird being tracked from place to place.

We’ll all be tagged one day, and I’ve always been an early adopter :P

Day’s Plans Dashed

Today we planned on heading down to Bells Beach to check out the Rip Curl Classic which is on down there until the 13th of April. Conditions aren’t great down there today and yesterday’s action was put on hold as there was no swell at all.

So we may put that on hold and visit over the next couple of days if conditions improve or we may just jump in the car and check it out later this afternoon. We’re not really the type of people to plan anything too far in advance.

With that on hold we’ll probably play some World of Warcraft and get some house work done.

Oh and we seem to have new neighbours… people come and go here so often, now if only we can get the people with the noisy dog who is ruining the fence next door.

Gonna set up a map of all the places I’ve lived (if I can remember them all) using Google’s new “My Maps“.

Off to WOW for a short while… catch y’all later.