Come Out, Come Out, Where ever you are!

Anthony Callea

It must suck to be the partner of a famous person who in this day and age still feels the need to be “in the closet”. C’mon Anthony, step out and live your life. Or confirm for us that Sony BMG is lying and that in fact they encourage you to keep certain parts of your private life private.

There are plenty of gay performers these days, none of them heavily effected by they’re being gay… and the more people feel the need to hide being gay the longer youth will go without role models.

Embrace who you are, whatever that may be, share your life with your partner instead of having the poor guy hide away at public events. Share your moments with him.

Vic Lorusso, well known to many as the Channel Ten traffic helicopter man, unwittingly embroiled himself in controversy on Monday when he accidentally outed Anthony Callea on Sydney breakfast radio.

Lorusso was chatting about meeting the singer while discussing an old school friend on Triple M’s The Edge show.“You wouldn’t know him. He’s a nice guy but his partner, which is Anthony Callea, didn’t want to know anything about anybody,” he told the show’s host. When Lorusso realised what he’d done, he swiftly continued with the traffic report.

A spoekesperson for The Edge has defended Lorusso, saying that he had no idea that Anthony wasn’t out. “Vic had no idea that it wasn’t common knowledge.”

Of course, Callea’s sexuality has been the topic of much debate since he first came to everyone’s attention back in the days of Australian Idol. At first he flatly denied it, but later softened. In an interview with the Sydney Star Observer last year, he tastefully danced around the issue, saying that it was his business, his personal life and therefore not up for discussion – which is essentially the case.

Anthony’s management at Sony BMG refused to comment, saying that it’s company policy not to get involved in the personal lives of their artists.

So – the cat’s out of the tastefully designed drawstring purse. Perhaps this at least will stop people talking out of school and we can all just move on. So he wanted to be a singer, not an activist – is there anything wrong with that? ~ Local News ~ Anthony Callea Outed

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