Flickr Find 0007

If you want to see some great photos check out v-spec and his Flickr photos. This shot here is just one of his nearly 300 amazing photos.

V-spec’s candid shots are beautiful, he also has a series of “sTREET” photos where he has obviously approached people on the street and asked them permission. I wish I was forward enough to do that… so any times I have seen a great shot or a group who look just right, only to walk on by and let the moment pass.

I have to become more adventurous. Since I received my new camera I take it practically everywhere and yet I seem to be getting more and more shots of Bungee than anything else.

Suck it up kid… I guess that’s my advice to myself. Our life is what we make it, if I keep standing in the background I’ll always be a rock in the school play.

Note: I was never really a rock in the school play. I was once a major role, who during rehersals got stage fright and was replaced, only to become a henchman. I should have learnt back then I guess.