One Happy Family

Bunny Eve and Adam all Cuddle up together Awww how sweet, little Bunny (or Bungee has he is sometimes called) is really starting to be part of the family. He’s keen to lay down on the mat with the dogs, but has been “warned” by Eve that it is not appropriate to try and taste your fellow mat-layers. So for now he chooses to lay right next to the mat instead.

Cute or what. Shame about the photo, it was taken with my 750i.

Giraffes Don’t Fly Planes

Sure it’s a well known fact that Giraffes don’t fly planes, but for some reason, last night in my dream that’s exactly what had to happen.

We were at a property on the outskirts of suburbia and were all awaiting word on an important vote that was to take place. Thing is this vote was also to include animal-kind. We were all going about our business through the day, looking up every time an aeroplane went over head to see if it was the one we were waiting for.

At one point a crazy looking plane with wings that hung low and folded forward flanking a bullet-shaped body flew overhead. A design I’ve not seen before. I remember looking up and marvelling at the craft and thinking how good it would be should we have one of those on our side.

Later a propeller was heard and upon looking to the sound we could see a plane coming in low on our location. A quick squint through the binoculars revealed a giraffe at the flight controls and an exotic looking bird sitting in a co-pilot.

The aircraft came low and stopped in mid-air making a vertical drop to the ground, one property too short and landed in the neighbour’s yard. The pilot and co-pilot came away from the plane and I made my way to the gate separating the two yards. With me were our dogs and bunny. I opened the gate and the dogs raced ahead (with Bunny just behind) and started sniffing at the exotic rainbow coloured bird.

That is when I woke. Strange to be sure, I have no idea what my subconscious must be telling me, but it’s mighty weird.